4 December 2016

Parsnip and carrot soup

It's time to start planning the dishes for a vegetarian Christmas dinner. Time is going so quickly and I have not prepared much for Christmas yet, so the next couple of weeks will be busy. I will probably go with mostly old favourites for the dinner this year, but want to share different recipe ideas throughout the month.

This vegan parsnip and carrot soup is a perfect Christmas time soup due to the ingredients and simplicity. The soup is very easy to make, economical, and you can also prepare it beforehand to avoid last minute cooking panic in the kitchen.

Parsnip and carrot soup


2 parsnips
4 carrots
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 l vegetable stock
1 bay leaf
Salt and ground black pepper to taste


Chop the ingredients and start cooking the onion in oil.

Once the onion is soft and slightly browned, add the carrots and parsnips.

Stir for a while and then also add the garlic soon followed by the vegetable stock, bay leaf and seasoning.

Let simmer until the vegetables are cooked, purée and enjoy!

Your VegHog

3 December 2016

Snacks, mulled wine and Christmas lights

We had our yearly tradition, the Christmas light switch on in or flat, last Saturday. Then we always have mulled wine and some nice snacks, and go outside to look at our lights. We kept the lights quite simple this year, but I find that better anyway. The photos aren't great, but I hope you'll get the idea.

So we had some lovely warming mulled wine, and the weather was actually suitably a little bit chilly. We also enjoyed some tasty Port wine with Edam cheese, Winter berries & Prosecco potato crisps (these are just fabulous!), Rose harissa spiced nut mix with a hint of chilli (these are also brilliant) and some grapes.

It was a great night and nicely opened the season for us. Have you already made some seasonal decorations in your homes?

1 December 2016

My Legume Love Affair #102 welcoming entries

I'm not just hosting Eat Your Greens this month, but also My Legume Love Affair edition #102! I'm so honoured to guest host this great legumecentric vegetarian and vegan cooking challenge. I really hope that you will all be sharing some wonderful recipes with us in December, maybe some of them will even be festively themed!

My Legume Love Affair was started by Susan from The Well Seasoned Cook and is now hosted by Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen.

This is how you can participate:

  1. Legumes (for example lentils, beans, peas, soybeans or peanuts) have to have a central role in the recipe.
  2. Only vegetarian and vegan recipes will be accepted, so please make sure that your recipe is free from meat and seafood. The recipes can contain eggs.
  3. Only one recipe submission per month per blogger is accepted.
  4. You can use the logo in your post, and please link back to Susan, Lisa and this announcement in your post.  
  5. You can also use an old recipe, but please repost it on your blog.
  6. Submit your recipe through the Linky Tool at the bottom of this page including the URL, name of the dish, photo and your details.
  7. This event ends on 30.12. at midnight and the round up of all recipes should be up on 31.12.

Get creative, I'm very excited to see your recipes!

Your VegHog

Eat Your Greens welcoming December entries

It's time to call out for recipes for the last 2016 edition of Eat Your Greens vegetarian and vegan cooking challenge that I have been taking turns hosting this year with Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen.

The rules of the challenge are quite simple. Each blogger can enter one recipe per month, which should be either vegan or vegetarian and feature one or more green vegetables. Post the recipe on your blog and add a link to it into the comments box below to take part. If you tweet your recipe, please use #EatYourGreens and include @SeasonalShaheen @TheVegHog. More detailed instructions for taking part can be found here.

Should you need any inspiration, please check out Shaheen's November Eat Your Greens Round Up, there are very delicious recipes in that collection!

Keep sharing the green goodness!

Your VegHog

30 November 2016


Here is another one of my lunchboxes for a change. I take a lunchbox to work daily and am keen keeping it variable. I normally just have the previous day's leftovers, but also keep adding different snacking things and veg to the box. The lunchbox is something that can definitely lift my spirits in the middle of a hectic work day.

This box included:
  • apple slices
  • giant corn
  • tomato and mozzarella arancini
  • pasta with tomato sauce, soft cheese and rocket

Simple, yet good! Have further a nice week!

Your VegHog

29 November 2016

Pickling vegetables

I have been pickling some vegetables lately, something that is quite new to me. I do enjoy the occasional pickle on the side, so I thought I'd experiment a bit more with the method. I also recently purchased this Fermenting Food book, which offers so many good tips and recipes for pickling and fermenting.

I already pickled kohlrabi and radishes with cabbage a while ago. I added half and half vinegar and water liquid, and mustard seeds as the seasoning. To the radish I also added small homegrown red chilli slices. The radish jar turned red very quickly after resting a little bit in the fridge.

I'm just clearing my balcony from the last plants and now have plenty of green tomatoes to use. I think I need some pickling ideas for them as well. I'm not sure what to make with them yet.

I would very much like to hear about your pickling experiences and tips!

Your VegHog

28 November 2016

Favourite eateries in my area – Lakaz Maman

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that a previous Masterchef winner had opened a restaurant just in our quarter. It turned out that the rumour was true, as earlier this year Shelina Permalloo, the 2012 Masterchef winner, opened her restaurant Lakaz Maman in Bedford Place in Southampton.

Of course I had to check it out as soon as possible, and in the meanwhile I have visited several times. It's a very vegan and vegetarian friendly Mauritian restaurant serving traditional Mauritian street food. This means that the prices aren't bad at all and the food is served pretty quickly in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful and upliftingly colourful.

I have some definite favourites on the menu, for example crunchy chilli balls Gateaux Piment are just inspired. They come in roti wraps, in a curry and also as a side, such good food! Then there's a really nice butterbean curry, which my partner can't get enough of. I also love the samosas and the refreshing mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails). The portions are quite filling, a reason why I couldn't try the delicious sounding desserts yet.

Just look at the space and the colourful food!