7 December 2015

Twice-cooked broccoli pasta

Today I wanted to share a perfect weekday recipe with you that I recently found. Even though it's December, some ordinary food is still needed of course. This is a beautiful recipe with broccoli cooked twice, first boiled in water and then pan-fried, until it's creamy and served with pasta. There are added heat of chilli and comforting garlic with the broccoli in the sauce, pretty much a perfect company for it. Broccoli cooked this way goes so well with pasta and this could become one of my favourite ways of cooking it. This dish is very easy to veganise simply by using vegan pasta.

Here is the original recipe from The Guardian article by Rachel Roddy directly from Rome: Broccoli ripassati with olive oil, garlic and chilli. Check out the article, as it contains the perfect description of the dish and some other serving suggestions for it! I followed the original recipe pretty closely, but used 250 g spelt tagliatelle to go with my two heads of broccoli. 

Even though this isn't my own recipe, I really want to enter this post to this month's Eat Your Greens a vegetarian cooking challenge hosted by Shaheen from A2K - A Seasonal Veg Table blog. I think that broccoli is always a nice green vegetable to use and this is quite a cunning way to cook it. What do you think, would even kids be into it in this texture and combination?  

Have a nice week!

Your VegHog

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  1. I am not a huge fan of eating broccoli whole heads, I prefer the stalks! but offer it to me like this - I will eat it all esp. with a bit of chilli. Thanks for sharing with EatYourGreens


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