14 January 2017

Mixed vegetable and cheese tartlets

I love making vegetable tarts and mini tartlets, as they are just so nice as freshly baked snacks. They are brilliant even later or as a work lunch.

The beauty of these tarts is that you can take whatever left-over vegetables you have and add them here, even small amounts are fine, as not so much is needed. I happened to have some kalettes, what an earth are they? Well they seem to call the flower sprout looking mini kales now kalettes. I might have missed something, probably a re-branding? Anyway I like them, they are healthy and look so cute. For these tarts I shredded them to smaller pieces.

I rarely make my own pastry, which makes these tartlets super easy. For these I just took a little bit of ready made and rolled out shortcrust pastry, cut pieces from it with cookie cutter and placed them into silicone muffin cases.

Then I prepped the filling. I pre-cooked the pepper, tomatoes, onion and garlic in a pan, so that they were already softened, and seasoned them. I placed them onto the pastry, added the kalettes and cheese and baked until golden.

These were so good, they melted in the mouth! Here are the ingredients I used:

Shortcrust pastry
Romano pepper
Cherry tomatoes
Basil leaves

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. These look like great snacks - and as they as weeny, the kalettes seem just right for them - in fact I would love them to called a kalette tartlet because it would be a cute name

    1. Kalette tartlet is a great name indeed! I might use that in the future and of course give you the credit for the name. :)


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