14 July 2018

Veggie burgers with sprouts

I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend! I couldn't be happier, as my long awaited summer holiday has now started. I didn't have a summer holiday last year, so I'm intending to enjoy this one properly. The weather is also looking promising.

I made these veggie burgers a while ago. They are actually even vegan. The patty itself was made from an organic burger mix, which contained a lot of grains, carrots, herbs etc. They tasted really good, and became nice and crispy thinner patties.

I added all sorts of sprouts on the burgers: beetroot and garlic sprouts and pea shoots. They made the burgers really fresh tasting. I used fluffy brioche buns from the local shop to serve it all together.

Have a lovely weekend!

Your VegHog


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    1. Thank you! I just made a similar type of patty yesterday and will also share that creation soon. :)


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