22 January 2014

Winter gardening

I thought I'd make a small update to urban winter gardening, although it's fairly quiet at the moment as all growing is limited to indoors.

Some of my herbs aren't doing so brilliantly due to the dark winter. The monster basil is still alive and well, though. It's always so handy to have fresh herbs ready to season food, so I hope they start doing better soon again.

The chili is still growing and producing a lot of small chilies. I have just hung another batch to dry and the dried chilies will become really handy in cooking.

I have planned to sow some radishes soon, and possibly some other early veg. I dried the radish seeds from my own last summer's produce, so it will be all exciting when the next generation starts appearing.

I hope that the sun comes out soon, and I can start working on my tiny balcony garden. Please share what you are growing at the moment and what big plans you have for the spring and summer!

Your VegHog

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