18 July 2017

Green courgette quiche

I can't pronounce the title of this post very well, or at least not repeat quickly in succession, so I'm glad I can only write it down and don't have to say it outloud in public.

Anyway, you might already see from the pictures that it's time to cook green! This recipe is my own Eat Your Greens contribution for July. I normally take turns hosting with Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen every other month, but now she has been hosting for the two previous months during my relocation. I'm glad to be back, and can't wait for the round up at the end of July to see your wonderful recipes.

Remember that there's still plenty of time to take part in the challenge. Read the more detailed instructions here, if you're interested.

So I cooked with courgette again, as it's nicely in season, and once my partner arrives in Denmark, my courgette and quiche cooking days are over. Well, maybe not fully, but he doesn't like either of them much. I enjoyed this simple green dish very much, and there was enough for me for a couple of days.

Here is my recipe for a Green courgette quiche


1 courgette
2 new season onions with greens
1 leek
1 garlic clove
2 eggs
100 ml cooking cream
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp lemon pepper
Handful of fresh basil leaves
150 g grated Emmental cheese
200 g puff pastry / shortcrust pastry


Slice the courgette, onions, leek and garlic. Use all the lovely green stalks of the onions and leek. Those are the best part!

Whisk the eggs with the cream and seasoning.

Spread the pastry on baking paper in a pie tin. Blind bake the pastry for a while in the oven so that it doesn't get soggy later.

Place the courgette slices, onions, leek and garlic on the pastry, and cover them with the egg mix. Sprinkle the grated cheese on top.

Bake the quiche at 200 C for about 35 minutes or until done, set and baked golden brown.

Have a nice week!

Your VegHog


  1. Courgettes are def. in season and are also making an appearance on my blog too, this Courgette quiche looks tasty. I will share my EatYourGreen recipe this week too, will have courgettes too!
    Glad to have you back hosting.

    1. Nice to see your recipe, and I will need to read the other courgette posts as well. I hopefully have more time on the weekend, as always.

  2. Your pizza is really pretty - glad you are making the most of cooking for yourself - I find zucchini/courgette quite a bland flavour so I get surprised when others don't like it - I would have some for sure!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm glad to have a bit more cooking freedom for a short time. I will also be happy when cooking for two soon again, end of next week actually!! I think it's more the texture that he doesn't like, as you can't really critisise the bland taste much, but yes, everyone has their pet hates in vegetables. Celery is mine, hahah.

  3. That quiche takes me back to a vegetarian cafe I used to frequent in Manchester. Happy days. I like courgettes roasted with garlic and well seasoned.

    1. Oh yes, roasted courgette with garlic must be the best way of preparing them! I bought another one, so will cook another courgette dish maybe today. :)


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