5 June 2014

Sea-buckthorn and granola yogurt

When I'm not eating porridge for breakfast (which happens on most weekdays), I like to eat yogurt with granola and possibly some fruit with it. Adding sea-buckthorn berry powder to this combination makes the whole thing to a real power breakfast. It's of course even better, if you can obtain fresh sea-buckthorn berries. I always buy my sea-buckthorn berry powder in Finland and import it for my own use. This morning I had a lovely walk in the park first thing, and then had this breakfast with little coffee and juice. The weather is also great and now I feel like I can do anything!

150 g Greek yogurt
2 tsp sea-buckthorn berry powder
4 tbsp organic nutty granola

You don't need to do anything else than mix all the ingredients and enjoy! 

What is your favourite breakfast?

Your VegHog

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