11 October 2014

Carrot and spelt mini loaves

When the evenings grow darker and it's chillier outside, I like baking fresh bread and rolls. Evening is normally the time of day when I get my baking urges. Sometimes it's purely because I notice that there isn't any bread for the next day. And since the root vegetable season is upon us, I have been using them more in cooking again. Carrots are a wonderfully healthy and tasty addition to homemade bread. Have you ever tried such bread? It's quite a normal thing in Finland.

I baked this bread pretty much following my previous recipe for Carrot and spelt rolls. Only this time I used just spelt flour and baked mini loaves instead of rolls, which makes the shaping phase slightly easier. I purchased these mini loaf cases a while ago, and was keen to bake something in them. They would also be very good for baking slightly bigger muffins. I got seven mini loaves with this recipe, but you could of course also make one large loaf of bread.

These mini loaves make a great breakfast or lunch with some added butter and cheese. Or how about filling them with fresh salad, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers... anything you like! I could also see them as cute additions to the dinner table to go with pasta or salad.

I don't think it's necessary to repeat all the instructions here as the full recipe can be found here

Have a good weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. These look amazing. Sounds sad, but I haven't tried home-made bread in years. ;(
    Hopefully this changes during the holiday seasons coming up!


    1. Thanks Adi! I know it can be hard to motivate yourself into bread making, but it's actually a lot of fun as long as you have a little time to spare. :)

  2. The colours of the food appearing on your blog are so seasonal and warming. I make bread now and again, quite honestly i am quite lazy and look forward to seeing my favourite baker at a farmers market for a treat, but I should now and again try making some - these look really dainty and cute. Perfect on the side of any soup stew kinda dish.

    1. I do try to cook seasonally most of the time, as the local produce is then so beautiful.

      Now I've been a bit more active with the baking, but I also have some favourite bakers in the farmers markets, so it's always a must buying something from them also.


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