4 June 2015

My Cookbooks Part V – Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

When I first got Plenty, I almost couldn't believe my eyes. That's how wonderful vegetarian cookbook it was and still is! I was familiar with Ottolenghi's recipes through the Guardian before I got the book, but of course in a book format things look so much nicer and a fully new world was opened to me. 

Ottolenghi isn't a vegetarian himself and that might give him some sort of an advantage to be able to think outside the box and have a fresh approach to veggie recipes. That man certainly understands flavours and the book is full of beautiful food photos as well. This is a highly recommended book by me.

I have cooked many dishes from this book and even posted some on the blog. I absolutely adored the Aubergine with buttermilk sauce (p. 110-111) and Green pancakes with lime butter (p. 150-151) and cooked my own versions of these dishes (aubergine here and pancakes here). Funnily enough my most read recipe so far on this blog is Crusted harlequin squash wedges adapted from the Crusted pumpkin wedges with soured cream (p. 72-73) in this book. When I made paella for the first time, I also took guidance from Ottolenghi (p. 80-81).

I would strongly recommend getting familiar with Ottolenghi's vegetarian recipes, if you haven't done so yet! I'm sure I will be posting more recipes from this book sooner or later. Before long I will also review the second book in series, Ottolenghi's Plenty More, which is yet another triumphant vegetarian cookbook. 

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