17 August 2019

Street Food om Søerne 2019

I had the pleasure of visiting this year's Street Food om Søerne street food festival by the Copenhagen Lakes. The festival took place last weekend and it was located close to our home, which is of course very convenient. There were a lot of vegan vendors this year, and many others had vegan or vegetarian options.

I had the best burger there that I've ever tasted, and it was made by Planteslagterne. I failed to ask what the juicy plantbased patty was made from, but in any case it tasted amazing. It was a cheese burger with pickled onions, lettuce and vegan mayo in a brioche bun. 

One of my other favourites were vegan kebabs with organic, gluten free and soy free tempeh made from lupin beans. The tempeh was made by Foodture, and the kebabs were made by Simple Raw, a vegan restaurant in Copenhagen. The concept of making it from lupin beans is fascinating, #from flower to plant protein". It was such a nice combination with fresh veg and really tasty tempeh. The tempeh was quite authentic looking kebab, as it came from the traditional turning skewer. I think several vegan cafés in Copenhagen serve this tempeh, so I have the chance of finding it again.

We also had tasty fries from Green Fries, a Swedish company. They served lovely dips on side and you got to select a salt for the fries. I had fries with garlic salt and roasted onion mayo and truffle mayo. We've had these fries before, and every time they just hit the spot.

As drinks we enjoyed different craft beers from Mikkeller and organic cocktails from Rebæl.

We also got acquainted with a veg box subscription idea by Grim, where the “ugly” vegetables that are rejected by supermarkets are delivered to your door once a week. I think that's a great idea and I'm considering of joining. My only problem with veg boxes is that there are long months with cabbage in season. Don't get me wrong, I really like cabbage, but it's difficult to use a lot of it for two people. What are your experiences with veg boxes? Do they make meal planning easier or more complicated?

This year's festival's main sponsor was the supermarket chain Irma, and they had brought some colourful swan boats to our lakes. We normally only have white and black swan and duck boats. On those colourful boats you could take a tasting and talking ride with some of the vendors. I think this was also quite a neat idea.

I wanted to try so many things more, but couldn't fit more food or drink in. There were rye and potato burgers, vegetarian tacos and quesadillas, fresh salads and juices, vegan ice-cream and many more tempting dishes. I can't wait for next year, as it looks like the vegan festival doesn't take place in Copenhagen this year. Here are some atmosphere photos from the street food festival.


  1. Looks like fun - I love that they cut the tempeh kebabs off the spit - and being by a river in summer is perfect, even if the swans are a little kooky - ha ha!

    1. We had a good time there, but I want to take a ride on our normal swan boats soon. :)


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