30 June 2017

Cooking for one

I'm so sorry that I have been awfully quiet here on the blog, but I've had a lot on my plate. And that's only figuratively speaking, as I wanted to share some of my underwhelming recent dishes with you. Okay, they are not all bad, just what I've been wanting to eat, but perhaps not so blog worthy.

One of the biggest challenges after my move has been cooking for only one person. My partner will join me in a few weeks, and until then I'm just cooking for myself. I had to change the food amounts quite immensely, as I get a good lunch at work as well, so don't have to cook for two + two lunches for the next day.

Unfortunately this has made me fairly lazy and I'm mainly cooking boring pasta dishes or even ready meal pizzas. I've made quite a few salads, as they are perfect for the summer and it's easier to assemble one plateful. However with salads I have to be careful not to buy too much fresh stuff that I don't manage to eat. There are so many tempting vegetable markets, where everything looks so tasty. So it hasn't been easy not to hoard everything straight away.

Of course the bright side is now that I can cook all the dishes that my partner dislikes, such as creamy pasta sauces. In Nordic countries there are special creams available that are meant for savoury cooking, and they are very nice in sauces. I've been utilising these a lot lately.

Here are some of the dishes that I've recently eaten.

Pasta with creamy tomato sauce

Cheesy rolls with tomatoes and fresh season onions

Savoury oatmeal porridge for breakfast, naturally with coffee

The summer classic: Insalata Caprese

Ready meal pizza with additional cheese and a cider on the side as lazy weekend food

Exciting beetroot tagliatelle with another creamy tomato sauce, but just look at that colourful pasta

Yes okay, it's pasta... with cheese and creamy mushroom sauce

A ready meal pizza that I tried to boost with some fresh mushrooms and additional cheese

Better cooking coming soon on this blog! Also remember that I will be hosting Eat Your Greens again in July after a longer break. Please do take part!

Enjoy your weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. Your dinners look lovely. I especially love the beetroot pasta. Are you enjoying your work lunches? What sort of food do they serve?

    1. We have a lunhc buffet at work with warm and cold food. Of course a lot of it is meat, but there is a really good selection of fresh veg as well to make salads, fresh bread and fruit. I normally skip the warm food fully and just compile a salad with some rye bread. The food is of course quite Danish style and seasonal, which is good. And once a week there's also a nice dessert.

  2. I usually do lazy one person suppers when I am alone and often not photo worthy, these are all good to me. Like Johanna, I too like the look of the beetroot pasta. I did not that your dishes were quite creamy, then you explain further in your blog post that in Nordic countries there are special creams meant for savoury cooking, so I see why - sounds like comfort food to me. Take care.

    1. The beetroot pasta is really nice, it has a hint of beetroot flavour and makes the dish instantly look vibrant.


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