29 November 2020

Leek pie


We had some cosy times in town yesterday and today the floating Christmas tree will arrive to our harbour. Yes, you read it right, it’s a floating Christmas tree that will be sailed to us from another part of the harbour. It’s so Copenhagen and I’m sure it will be good. So we will of course go to see the spectacle. Luckily there is a lot of space around the harbour, so distancing will be easy. Otherwise we’ll just enjoy a quiet Sunday.

Only a week ago I posted a lentil shephard’s pie, but as this is the pie season, I think we can have another one. This one is also made in the style of a shepherd’s pie using crumbly leftover potato mash as a topping for a leek, onion and yellow lentil mix. I got the most beautiful biodynamic leeks and they were calling for a comforting winter dish.

What is your favourite pie of the season?

Your VegHog


28 November 2020

Ramen with tempeh and mushrooms


It has been a busy week at work once again. I can’t wait for some days off over Christmas, even though it’s still a while to get there. The temperature is close to 0 celsius here in Copenhagen and I’m hoping for some frost. It’s a dark time of the year, but many people and companies have put their Christmas lights up, so there is also cheerful light in the darkness. We have also put several lights up and it’s so nice in the evenings.

I made a warming vegan ramen soup with enoki and shiitake mushrooms, teriyaki tempeh, pak choi, miso, spices and noodles. Ramen is a really great dish for this season. It’s kind of a light soup full of flavour and veggies. There is a new locally sourced and produced frozen tempeh product in our supermarkets and it’s really great and versatile. It’s made from peas and lupin. In this soup I used the teriyaki flavoured variant and it was really good. I prefer tempeh so much to tofu, but I still need to get used to the fact that I can now easily get it anytime.


Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog


22 November 2020

Lentil shepherd’s pie

A warming shepherd’s pie dish so belongs to this season. I made this one following my basic recipe with two types of lentils, onions, carrots and spices to add savoury flavour and all of that covered with a nice potato mash. The pie turned out very good. Now that I’m working a lot from home again, it’s nice to make large dishes that stretch to next day’s lunch just to be warmed up quickly.

Your VegHog


21 November 2020

Mexican cannelloni


Sometimes fusion food is just the best. What are your best fusion food creations? I can’t remember too many experiments of mine, a risotto burger was one. Now I made this Mexican cannelloni dish introducing Mexican flavours to an Italian classic. The cannelloni pasta shells contained refried beans, sweetcorn, bell pepper, onion, garlic and chilli spiced with ground cumin and ground coriander. They were covered with a spicy tomato sauce and lots of cheese and then baked. I served it with coriander, lime and hot sauce on the top. It was a very nice dish and I would certainly make it again.

It’s very windy here in Copenhagen today and also quite chilly. I really want to go to the local market and have some mulled wine. Whilst Christmas markets are banned this year, there are still a few cosy corners in Copenhagen to enjoy warm drinks. Then in the evening most likely another comfort food or soup dinner will take place.


Have a nice weekend everyone!

Your VegHog


15 November 2020

Lentil rice with roasted cauliflower and tahini sauce


I’ve had a busy weekend with cleaning and baking, as we had guests over last night. I made various veggie snacks for them and they went down a treat. Now I’m a bit tired today and just planning to take it easy and go for a little stroll in town. It’s a sunny day, so this seems like a good idea. What are you all up to?

Here is just a quick post of a recent dish. I made this vegan bowl of lentil rice with small pieces of spaghetti, roasted cauliflower, crispy baked tofu and tahini-lemon sauce. I just love this sort of bowls of food, as they are so comforting, but also a bit healthy.

Have a nice Sunday!

Your VegHog


7 November 2020

Pretzel dough flatbreads


It now seems a lifetime away that I lived in Germany. I moved away from there in 2007, so it has been a while indeed. I spent nearly ten years in Cologne, so of course I still miss many things from there. Today’s food is one of those things. There was, and still is, a bakery chain making these tasty flatbreads on a pretzel dough base. I would often get one as a snack on the go. That’s where my inspiration for these flatbreads comes from.

I made half of my flatbreads with an onion, garlic and Cheddar filling and the other half with bell peppers and Mozzarella. I also made sodium carbonate to make my basic pizza dough taste like pretzels. The dough is dipped in the sodium carbonate for a while before hand-stretching, filling and baking the flatbread. You can read all about this method in my previous Pretzel roll post.

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog


1 November 2020

In my kitchen in November

In November I bring you loads of comfort food, as the weather here in Denmark is getting chillier. I’ve been cooking a lot and also trying some new food items, so here we go.

These organic dry mixes with grains and spices are excellent products. By adding some fresh vegetables, you can make nice veggie burgers and nuggets with these. I got the spicy mix and the cosy one with warming spices. They make weekday meals so easy.

I spotted a new product in the shop, oat rice. It’s just perfect more healthy and sustainable, locally produced alternative to rice. I’ve made a spicy oat risotto with it and some pasties with veggies. The oat rice will become a standard staple in my kitchen.

I got this BBQ Stout sauce a while back and have been using it as a condiment with many dishes. It is such a nice quality product.

Here are a couple of pumpkins that I carved for Halloween and some of my new herbs in the background. I also got the cutest little onion squash as a harvest from my own balcony.

This is a potato-bell pepper-tomato dish also featuring this chilli grill cheese.

I made a veggie lasagne with vegan pea mince and bell peppers. It’s always nice to have a good old veggie lasagne.

A slightly spicy mac’n’cheese with chipotle and roasted cherry tomatoes.

This dish is a super comforting gnocchi with mushrooms and a cheese fondue sauce with white wine and Emmental.

And as my curveball, I’m sharing this photo of my lovely Matt Sewell prints that I finally got framed. Technically it’s not so much of a curveball, as they are right above my dining table, basically still in the kitchen.

As always, I’m sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings blog, who is hosting the popular In My Kitchen event.

Your VegHog