7 August 2021

In my kitchen in August

It’s already August, who would have thought! We’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking summer food like the fried new potatoes with vegan “fish” and strawberry salad above. So let’s have a look what else has been in my kitchen.

We’ve had a few veggie barbecues this summer. I usually like grilling cheese and new potatoes and of course other veggies and even rye bread too.

I got these chunky local broad beans at the farmers market and made Mexican style rice and fried new potatoes with them. They were just wonderful and I hope to get some more.

I believe that this Naturli Oat Cocoa is a game changer for vegan chocolate drinks. It was so thick and had a very chocolatey flavour.

We had some vegan ice-creams at the harbour. These coffee and lemon flavoured ones were really intense in the taste.

This new Danish tofu brand is incredible. It has such a nice firm texture and especially the smoked one is very tasty.

Dough Girls is a great doughnut shop in Copenhagen. Just look at these vegan beauties!

I purchased a new silicone form. Can’t wait to bake something in it.

And from the same shop I also got a dinosaur cookie cutter. It’s so cute!

This København Kombucha is really refreshing and nice.

Tins of tomatoes, sauces and beans are always useful for many different meals.

I made stuffed courgettes with tomatoes and cheese. Courgettes are so cheap now so I’ve made a few dishes with them. I’m also growing my own and have harvested some of them.

Here is a colourful tagliatelle with an oat cream sauce.

This is a pineapple milkshake. I loved that flavour as a child. I made this one with oat milk.

More pineapple in shape of pineapple salsa. It’s so good with tacos.

My curveball this month is a blimp that just flew past our house this morning.

As always, I’m sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings blog, as she is hosting the In My Kitchen event.

Have a nice weekend all!

Your VegHog