11 September 2021

In my kitchen in September

I’ve been on holiday so I’ve been very quiet on the blog. I finally got to go home to Finland for three weeks and then I also took a cruise to Norway. Now on Monday I will return back to work and hope to get back to the routine, also with the blogging. How has everyone been in the meanwhile? I wanted to share some things that I brought home with me from the holiday and some other things from my kitchen. By the way, it was really nice to see my family again and have some relaxing times in the home country. I really feel refreshed.

I got a new Moomin mug from Finland (almost a must for every trip, even though the cupboard space is getting tight). It is an old motif from 2019, but since I haven’t been there since, I missed this one and had to get it now.

There was a new fermented broad bean product in the shops and I tried this basil flavoured one. It was really nice and I would buy it again.

We had some veggie barbecues in Finland. It is always traditional for us to grill rye bread and potatoes, but we also added some other stuff like these really spicy vegan jalapeno sausages.

I of course also bought some quality drinks like this pink gin and gin long drinks, salty liquorice wodka and also some beers.

I again got these chocolate milks from Norway, because I love the cow on the packaging. The milk is also good though.

I bought this new utensil tin here in Copenhagen. I thought that it was quite cute. Well I guess it’s actually a flower pot, but I needed something additional for my utensils so that’s what it will do now.

These Danish rye crisps were really surprisingly good. They were thicker then usual and very crispy. There was a nice garlic and basil seasoning too.

These sea buckthorn flakes are practical and healthy additional to salads and breakfast bowls.

On the market I spotted these dried broad beans, so I will soon be trying them in cooking.

I’ve also had some really nice vegetable market hauls lately. Just look at these lovely veggies!

I’ve made pita bread a couple of times now and starting to get the hang of it. I started making it, as I couldn’t find good quality pitas in any shops or bakeries.

This is just one of my usual weekday pasta bowls: garlicky tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and toasted pine nuts. I make similar dishes often.

This chipotle mayo was almost too spicy for me, but I still like it a lot.

I made purple tacos with marinated vegan chunks and pineapple and jalapeno seasoned with this organic taco spice.

My curveball is a mother and fledgling pigeon, who wanted to take over our balcony while we were on holiday. I would allow them to stay, but haven't seen them for a couple of days now. I guess the peace is now gone that we are back home.

I’m sharing this post with Sherry from the Sherry’s Pickings blog. Sherry is hosting the monthly In My Kitchen blogging series.

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog