31 July 2021

Homemade pita bread

I have never made pita myself before, but I got a little bit tired of the hardish supermarket pitas that seemed to be the only ones that I could find here. I explored some recipes online and found this easy homemade pita bread recipe by The Mediterranean dish. It was a good recipe to follow and I think that my results were alright in the end. It made eight pitas and the dough also keeps in the fridge for a few days, if you don't want to make all of them at once. I would like to try making pita bread again in case the method can be improved, but it was a good start. I made my pitas pan-fried this time, as it was too hot to put the oven on.

The first pita dish was pan-fried pita with homemade butterbean hummus and veggies.

And the second was a topped heart-shaped pita with hummus, veggies and feta.

What is your favourite way of eating pitas? Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog


17 July 2021

Meanwhile in my balcony garden


I’m growing veg on my two balconies again this summer and it does give me great joy seeing the plants grow. I have tomatoes, peppers, peas, cucumber, courgette, radishes, chilli, herbs and berry bushes. We’ve already harvested peas, radishes, herbs and chilli and the other plants are starting to come along too. Here is a little peek to my urban garden in Copenhagen.


10 July 2021

In my kitchen in July


I’m making a lot of summer food in my kitchen in July and here are some of those dishes. Otherwise it has been quiet with just going on some walks in the evenings and not doing much else. It’s a rainy day today so we will be going to Denmark’s national gallery after a long while. I’m a holder of an annual pass for two so we usually go there often. There is a special exhibition by German expressionists at the moment, which I’m quite keen to see, but now to the food and stuff.

My lovely partner bought more of these beautiful ceramic bowls for me.

I was lucky to find some qualitative fresh borlotti beans in the market so I made cheese and garlic pinwheels with a borlotti bean, pasta shell and tomato soup.

This is a nice bounty from the market.


Fried new potatoes with smokey bbq chunks and salad

Loaded nachos with cantina style black beans

Tacos with spicy vegan chunks and pineapple salsa

Grilled corn, potatoes and cheese

Different summer pastas with light sauces, veggies and side salads


As usual, I’m sharing this post with the In My Kitchen challenge hosted by Sherry from the Sherry’s Pickings blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Your VegHog


3 July 2021

Udon noodles with smoked tofu and veggies


I’ve been extremely lazy at blogging lately. My apologies for that. If you are on Instagram, you will see more of me there, but I just haven’t had so much energy for blogging. I am fine though, cooking a lot and enjoying the summer. I’ve scheduled my summer holiday for later this year, from mid August to early September and I’m hoping to be able to travel home after over 1,5 years. That means that I still have quite a few weeks left at work until then, but usually it is very quiet there in July.

Now I thought that I would share this udon noodle dish with you. I found lovely fresh local sugar snap peas and regular peas on a farmers market, so I decided to use them in a stir fry style dish. I added some mini bell peppers and marinated smoked tofu to the dish and mixed them all with the noodles and a spicy soy sauce. It was a good spicy meal, as I haven’t made many noodle dishes lately.

So what have you been up to this summer and do you have any holiday plans? I hope you’ll have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog