7 December 2014

Finger food for Finland's Independence Day party

I promised to write a more detailed post about the canapés I made for Finland's Independence Day celebrations yesterday. Obviously all of these treats can be enjoyed at any party, probably at a more autumnal or wintery one. Last year I made a blue and white Battenberg cake in honour of Finland, but this year I wanted to make several savoury canapés that I served with the usual Finnish sweets and chocolates.

Mini sliders – Sweet potato patties served in small carrot and spelt rolls. I'm going to post the recipe for the sweet potato patties soon, as I have made regular sized ones as well. Sweet potato is a great vegetable for this season!

Mini Karelian pies – This savoury Finnish classic shouldn't be missing at any Independence Day party, and I made my mini versions of them. You can read more about them here and here

Cheddar and watercress scones – I added about 50 g watercress to this original cheese scone recipe.

Mini cheese and onion pies – I made these very juicy cheese and onion pies as mini versions. These can be a hit at any party. 

Quick cheese biscuits – This is a recipe that I haven't published before. For these quick cheese biscuits (makes about 24) I followed a Valio recipe, but added my own twist to it. Below is my version.

100 g Cheddar cheese
1 dl wheat flour
½ dl spelt flour
¼ tsp baking powder
1 tsp potato flour
75 g butter
Black onion seeds, cumin seeds, pine nuts for the top

Grate the cheese. Combine the wheat, spelt and potato flours with the baking powder.

Add the soft butter and grated cheese and knead to an even dough.

Roll a rod from the dough and cut biscuits from it.

Sprinkle some black onion seeds, cumin seeds and chopped pine nuts on the top and bake at 200C for about 10 minutes.

Have nice parties!

Your VegHog

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