14 December 2014

Cheese board

Cheese board is a brilliant thing to have as a snack in between, not just in the Christmas season. I am a cheese lover anyway, so I would never say no to that. However I can get a bit particular with my cheeses. I don't eat blue cheese or the so called “stinky cheeses” at all, I just haven't quite figured out their attraction. I do enjoy mature, hard cheeses, cream cheeses and cheeses with flavours, like walnut (heavenly!) or chilli, smoke. One cheese will always stay my main favourite and that is Finnish Oltermanni. Obviously mozzarella and halloumi are also my favourites, they just don't work so well on a cheese board. Maybe more in canap├ęs in the festive season. Crackers are an important part of a cheese board. Purchase good quality crackers, and you'll enjoy the snacks more. Here is a list of what I had on my cheese board today.


  • Cheddar with chilli
  • Emmental
  • Applewood smoke flavoured Cheddar
  • Red Leicester
  • Plain soft cheese


  • Onion and garlic rye buttons
  • Oat and walnut biscuits
  • Seeded spelt biscuits
  • Black olive crackers

… and of course some grapes to go with it all.

Are you planning to assemble a festive cheese board this year?

Your VegHog


  1. I enjoy a cheese board selection too, and have yet to pick some for Christmas. I enjoyed loads of cheeses when I lived in Glasgow Scotland as there was a very good cheese deli there, sadly if I want more choice I have to go into the nearest city here, love your cheese selection esp. the crackers!

    1. My cheese selection was pretty boring this time, but the crackers were indeed very nice. I would be so thrilled if there was a good cheese deli close by!

  2. This is making my mouth watery! My grandma used to make her own cheeses when she was younger. :)
    I actually like blue cheese but I think it just runs in the genes. My dad is the only other person I know that likes it. Hahah


    1. My grandmother also made lovely squeaky cheese! I loved it.


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