16 December 2014

Cranberry dessert – Karpalokiisseli

A Christmas dessert can certainly be a lighter one after such a heavy meal. Quite often I choose to make a fruit salad, but I think that this sort of cranberry dessert is just as good, as it also contains a couple of Christmas spices. I found the original recipe here, but as it's in Finnish again, I have translated it below.


4 dl cranberries
1 l water
2 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
1 dl sugar
A sprinkle of salt
4 tbsp potato flour + a little cold water


Bring the cranberries and water to the boil. Then pour the mix through a sieve to another pot. Press the cranberries a little to release more juice. Add the star anise and cinnamon stick to the pot.

Let it boil at mild heat for a couple of minutes and then rest off heat and under the lid for 15 minutes. Remove the spices and add the sugar and salt. Heat again.

Mix the potato flour with a little cold water and pour it slowly as a long string to the hot cranberry juice. Bring it to the boil and then take off heat.

Let it set and cool at room temperature. After that it can be stored in the fridge. This is especially good served with whipped cream and some gingerbread cookies, which makes it a really Chritsmassy dessert. 

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