9 December 2014

Winter Festival at the Southbank

Last weekend I visited the Winter Festival in London's Southbank including the Christmas market and Real Food Market.

I love the Southbank, so had automatically a good time. I preferred last year's Christmas market, though, when it was on the actual bank and not in a corner closer to the London Eye. I believe that the Christmas tree maze is a new added feature, but unfortunately it wasn't free to enter. Luckily the delightful illuminated rabbits had arrived to different places around the area to bring joy. I also thought that the small train transporting kids by the river was a nice touch.

The Real Food Market is always brilliant and one of my favourite places to visit in London. They offer excellent street food and drink, and many of the options are vegetarian. In this season it's lovely to hang around there and sip some mulled cider or wine.

Here are some photos from my visit.


  1. The bunnies are awesome. I miss going or working in a city, the Christmas atmosphere is far more engaging.

    1. It is nice, but cities also get so hectic around this time. I don't like the crows, but the lights and decorations tend to be pretty.

  2. So true, when they are busy you don't always see what you want to either.


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