2 December 2014

Mini Karelian pies

If I would be given the choice between the most wonderful cakes, sweets or chocolates in the whole wide world, I would definitely still choose Karelian pies over them anytime! Read my first post on this Finnish treat so that you know what I'm talking about. These pies buttered with salty rice pudding in a rye crust, are my absolute favourites, and now that I'm living abroad, I can only get them if I make them myself (or carry huge amounts with me from Finland...). They need a bit of attention when you are making them, but it's all so rewarding in the end.

I followed my grandmother's recipe (that can also be found in my original post) apart from the size of the pies and this time I also reversed the flour proportions by making a more rye based crust (by using 3 dl rye flour + 2 dl wheat flour). This is what my grandmother also variated, sometimes she felt more like a hearty rye crust and sometimes more wheaty pie crust and they were all brilliant!

Smaller than the regular Karjalanpiirakat, “cocktail” pies already exist in the Finnish shops and cafés, but the ones I made today are even smaller. They are cut with a 10cm diameter round cookie cutter and the crust is rolled out very thinly. I got 35 pies with this recipe, and I froze some of them for future use. I thought that pies in this size would be nice to offer to your guests at Christmas parties and gatherings. What do you think?


  1. I read through your whole blog a while back and do recall them, they look blooming marvellous. They do however remind me visually of a savoury dish known as Homity Pie (I recently made some, will share soon and you will see what I mean when I post it on my blog, the pasty is oval but it is filled with potato and cheese). Some times I am looking for large quantity of sweet recipes, so will bare this in mind when I have to cook or bake for a crowd.

    1. The Homity pie does sound very good, but actually these Karelian pies are savoury as well! Salt is added to the rice pudding (I know, for non-Finns it must sound horrendous) and of course the rye crust is savoury. Sorry for being misleading, but these are still worth making! :)

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