1 July 2013

Crusted harlequin squash wedges

A while ago I purchased Yotam Ottolenghi's vegetarian cook book Plenty and it's absolutely amazing. It's full of inspiration and tasty recipes.

This recipe is from that book but has naturally been slightly altered (original: Crusted pumpkin wedges with soured cream, Plenty p. 72-73). I used a squash instead of a pumpkin and served them with potato mash seasoned with smoky cheese and some lightly fried lemony zucchini slices. In any case this was a delightful and quick dish to make.

Harlequin squash was a new ingredient to me but I couldn't help purchasing it when I saw its cuteness on the supermarket shelf. It's quite mild yet sweet and tender.

For the squash wedges:

1 harlequin squash
25g grated vegetarian parmesan
15g bread crumbs
2 garlic cloves
4 tbsp parsley
2 tbsp thyme
Zest of one lemon
Olive oil

For the side dish:

4-6 small zucchinis
Lemon juice
Chili flakes

For the potato mash:

500g new potatoes
Red Leicester cheese grated
Smoky Cheddar grated

Prepare the squash and its crust first. There's no need to peel the squash, just washing is enough. Slice the squash along its natural wedges. Be careful when cutting as the squash can be tough to cut.

Then make the crust mix by mixing bread crumbs, grated veggie parmesan, chopped garlic, parsley and thyme and grated lemon zest.

Place the squash wedges in an oven dish and brush them with olive oil. Sprinkle the crust mix and little pepper on them. Bake the wedges at 190C for about 30 minutes until the squash is tender and the crust is crispy.

While these bake you can boil the new potatoes for the mash. New potatoes tend to be very small, and the smaller the tastier, so they boil quicker than regular potatoes. When the potatoes are boiled soft, squeeze them through a potato ricer and season with salt, butter and grated smoky Cheddar and Red Leicester cheese. Mix it until smooth.

When the wedges are in the oven and the potatoes are boiling there's time to make the zucchini slices. Slice the small zucchinis thinly lengthwise and fry them lightly in olive oil. Add lemon juice, chili flakes and salt.

Serve all the components together and you'll have a nice and still fairly light meal.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog


  1. These look super delicious!! Nice job! Great recipe to keep in my for halloween etc.
    I also blog about vegan cooking and would love to receive any feedback you have :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      These really were delicious wedges and very easy to make! Halloween would be a good time to make them, or I was even thinking them as a part of a veggie Christmas dinner.

      Your blog looks really nice and interesting. I'll be reading it more when I have more time.

    2. I'm sure they were! And Christmas dinner addition would be great i'm sure!
      Thanks for taking a look, i'm sure we can both inspire each other with new ideas :)

  2. This looks lovely,I just got one from my local supermarket and I will be trying this recipe,thank you very much!

  3. The squash season is again upon us, yay! Click on Harlequin squash on the right hand side below the title "Find more recipes", as I have cooked other harlequin squash dishes and there are still more to come.

  4. Can i check that you can eat the skin of the squash once it is baked?

    1. Yes, the skin of harlequin squash is edible.


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