22 July 2013

Fried new potato gnocchi with sage butter

Yesterday I posted the Garden salad with chili oil dressing and I promised to tell you how the story continued. I served the fresh salad with some homemade fried new potato gnocchi and sage butter, and it really made a delightful Saturday dinner.

Here's the recipe:

800g new potatoes
3-4dl wheat flour
100g butter
Sage leaves
Olive oil
Vegetarian pasta cheese

Peel and boil the new potatoes for the gnocchi. Once they are soft press them through a potato ricer. Add the flour and mix, then let it cool down. Once the dough is cold, check the texture and add more flour if needed. Then roll small gnocchi of the dough and set them aside. Don't worry about any irregularities, that makes them even more charming. Just make sure that the texture is bouncy and not too soft or too floury. Bring water to boil and when you have shaped all the gnocchi, heavily boil them for a couple of minutes. They'll float on the surface once they're done.

Start preparing the sage butter as well when the gnocchi is boiling. Heat the butter in a pan and add the sage leaves in there. Fry at low to moderate heat for about 10 minutes until the sage has infused the butter, the butter has slightly browned and the sage leaves have become crispy. Stir quite often to make sure that the butter doesn't burn.

I haven't fried my gnocchi before but now I decided to try it and it was indeed a lovely addition. Fry the boiled gnocchi in some olive oil for a while so that some parts of them become golden brown. I kept the pan quite hot and constantly kept stirring them. Mix them with the sage butter, sprinkle vegetarian pasta cheese on them and serve. Make the garden salad to accompany if you like and serve with a nice white wine.

Your VegHog

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