21 July 2013

Garden salad with chili oil dressing

I made this salad as a side salad and am revealing in tomorrow's post what I served it with. Some of these ingredients came from my own balcony garden: the radish pods and the chilies for the chili oil. If you let radish grow to seed you can then harvest fresh pods that taste exquisite. I'm planning to dry some of them as well in order to get seeds for next year. Radish is a brilliant balcony plant as all of its parts are edible. I have already posted some radish recipes and will be posting more, for example salads featuring radish flowers.

I made my own chili oil about a month ago and let it infuse in a closed bottle since then. I just added four red chilies and some chili flakes into a small bottle and filled it up with olive oil and now it has become nice and spicy chili oil. It's perfectly okay to use a ready made chili oil as well for this dressing.

The salad:

Red chard
Edible flower petals
Pea shoots
Radish shoots
Radish pods

Wash the ingredients and trim off the hard ends of the radish pods and place them into a salad bowl.

The dressing:

3tbsp chili oil
2tbsp cider vinegar
Ground black pepper
Herb salt

Mix the oil and vinegar and add pepper and salt to it. Then shake it in a small sealable container or a bottle. Sprinkle the dressing on the salad and mix.

Enjoy as just a fresh salad or combine with a variety of summer foods. As promised my serving suggestion will be published tomorrow.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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