7 July 2013

The VegHog's garden update

I have promised to update you of my urban garden's progress throughout the summer, so here is a little post about it again. In the meanwhile my balcony is blooming and green and I'm so happy with it.

My first vegetable crops of the year were radishes. I ate the radishes, used the leaves for a pesto and now I let them flower. The flowers are edible and have a nice peppery taste, so I have used them to garnish salads.

The zucchinis are growing pretty fast and are trying to take over my whole balcony. First I didn't think they would grow that well in pots, but I was wrong. I have tried to be inventive with what to make with them. I've even made a courgette flower dish.

My bush tomatoes have been flowering for a good while now and I'm excited to see whether they can produce a fruit. Same goes for the French dwarf beans.

The outdoor and indoor herbs are also doing well. They love the light and warmth that will hopefully last for a while longer. I have recently planted some lettuce and chard, so we'll see how they'll come along when planted a bit later.

As decoration I'm growing sweet peas. They have lovely flowers and they also attract bees.

I will be posting another gardening update and more recipes I have cooked with my homegrown produce soon.

Your VegHog

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  1. Wow, your veg are blossoming!!! Amazing!

    1. Yeah, I am pretty happy with the growth at the moment, which probably means that I'm eating courgettes again tonight. :)


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