8 July 2013

Mozzarella and pea shoot pesto stuffed peppers with new potatoes

A few days ago I posted the recipe for my pea shoot pesto and today I'm showing you what I cooked with it. I combined it with stuffed cheesy peppers and new potatoes and the whole thing is a fairly quick dish.


500g baby new potatoes
2 yellow peppers
200g mozzarella cheese
Black pepper

For the pea shoot pesto:

250g pea shoots
1dl frozen peas
1-2 garlic cloves
Toasted pine nuts
Olive oil

Make the pea shoot pesto first by defrosting the peas and chopping the garlic. Then toast the pine nuts briefly in a dry frying pan. Put all ingredients into a bowl and puree them into a fine paste.

Chop the mozzarella into small pieces and mix it with the pesto. Season lightly with salt and black pepper. The rest of the pea shoot pesto can be stored for a few days in the fridge.

Cut the top off the yellow peppers and remove the seeds. Keep the lid. Fill the peppers with the pesto and mozzarella mix and close the lid. Bake them at 180C for about 30 minutes until the peppers are soft. During the baking also boil the new potatoes until tender.

And it's all done!

Your VegHog

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