15 August 2017

Vegetable omelette

Here is a quick post before I go to bed. I think I was quite productive at work today, and even got some stuff done at home. We are still very much sorting out stuff from our moving boxes, as it seems difficult to find space for it all, or enough storage units. I think I'll see a trip to Ikea in my near future. The flat does have enough space, we only need a couple of more shelves and drawers, then it should be fine. We luckily also have quite a large loft room, where we can keep stuff that's needed more rarely.

It feels weird to write a breakfast themed post in the evening, but here we go anyway. Sometimes a proper omelette is a really nice breakfast to have (and why not also a lunch or dinner, if you like). I made a substantial one recently that contained courgettes, onion, tomatoes, cottage cheese and basil. Then there was just a bit of milk added to the eggs and salt and pepper to season. I mixed all ingredients together with the finely grated vegetables and fried in a pan. The turning of this monster wasn't easy, but I got it turned without horrible damage.

This was such a nice breakfast, and I'll have to make a similar one soon. The beauty of this is that you can use some leftover veggies in this, and get really creative. I also think that the cottage cheese was a nice addition. It was also quite an ad hoc addition, as I noticed that it was running out of date. I always feel very happy when I can utilise something that might have gone to waste otherwise.

What's your favourite omelette like, or do you not like omelettes at all? Any experiences with vegan versions?

Have a nice week!

Your VegHog

8 August 2017

In My Kitchen in August

Here is a quick peek to my kitchen in August. I've got a lot of lovely new stuff in my still quite new kitchen in Copenhagen, so I'm proud to present these small joys to you.

First of all my blogging friend Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen blog surprised me with a lovely going away present from the UK. She sent me Welsh laverbread, which I've always been coveting in her recipes, and can now finally try it for myself. So get ready for some laverbread recipes! She has also noticed my fondness for beer and cider, so she also sent a cute Welsh dragon bottle opener. That's already in good use. Thank you so much again Shaheen!

Then to some other things. I visited Sweden a few weeks back, which is only a quick train journey over the bridge. I bought a couple of cute items there, like these Dala Häst tea towel and dish cloth, and also a wooden ruler with cooking measurements on it.

I've been enjoying healthy and not so healthy drinks recently. Just take a look at the intense colour of the orange sea buckthorn juice. If that doesn't wake one up, then nothing will. I've also been buying quite a few ginger shots, ginger and apple, ginger and cranberry and so forth. They are so good.

Onn the slightly naughtier side are Matilde milkshakes and Somersby cider.

I already mentioned Seitan in a previous post, but I've also found many other veggie products in the supermarkets. I need more time to try them all, but I'm pretty happy with the offering.

And I'm still obsessed with the new peas.

I'm also well prepared for a picnic or a barbeque party with these lovely pineapple paper plates and cups. I hope that one weekend the weather will still be suitable.

I am sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry's Pickings to join the August In My Kitchen crowd. I was too gutted to miss out in July and am now determined to share my kitchen stuff with you again every month.

Your VegHog

6 August 2017

Corn cobs with chilli butter

And once again we have summer on the plate here. I'm thrilled about the seasonal corn cobs that I can buy in my local vegetable market. They are such an easy summer food, just boil them a bit and you're ready to go. Of course they are also an brilliant addition for all sorts of veggie barbeques.

I served these corn cobs just with homemade chilli butter, fried halloumi and some tomatoes, and a tasty meal was ready. What is your favourite combo with corn cobs?

I hope you've had a nice weekend and are ready for a new week. I'm starting my Danish language classes tomorrow evening, so I'm a bit excited about going back to school. I like language learning, but who knows if I can still pick up things at this age!

Have a good week!

Your VegHog

31 July 2017

Eat Your Greens July Round Up

It has been my pleasure hosting Eat Your Greens again this month, and now it's time for the round up. I was happy to see that quite a few recipes were shared regardless of the holiday season, or maybe there is also more time for cooking due to the holidays.

So let's see what vegan and vegetarian dishes my fellow bloggers created this month and what greens they used.

Ray from The Humble Lentil shared a Handvo recipe with us. Handvo was a new acquintance for me, which is nice, as it's always good to hear about new dishes. So it's an Indian lentil and vegetable cake. This one contained brown basmati rice, chana dal, courgette, spinach, coriander and fenugreek creating a beautifully vibrant green Handvo. This looks so nice. I really want to make one myself now!

Sadhna from Herbs, Spices and Tradition made a Coriander Chutney and wrote more about the herb in question and its health benefits, coriander/cilantro, in her post. This sort of chutney is a very important component in Indian cooking, and is often served on the side. Coriander is one of my favourite herbs these days. I wasn't always very fond of it, but once I realised the beauty of it, I've been eating it by the truck load. I think that this chutney would be very lovely.

Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe cooked beautiful looking dish of Fried Rice with Tofu Scramble. I'm always up for fried rice, and this combination with scrambled tofu is just inspired. I like tofu too, and always look out for new ways of using it. Peas and spring onions are the greens in this recipe that is full of other veggies and warming spices as well.

Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen and my Eat Your Greens co-host delighted us with a Roasted Courgette Layered Lasagne. I very much like the idea of replacing the pasta with thin courgette slices, as that makes a veggie lasagne lighter and more suitable as a summer dish. The courgettes aren't the only greens here. Shaheen also used curly kale in the recipe and spiced the lasagne with oregano. The combination of Cheddar and Ricotta must also be so comforting. I would be happy to eat this dish anytime.

I made a Green Courgette Quiche, and yes, courgettes were also the green of my choice this month together with some leeks and new season onions with their green stalks, and I also used some basil leaves. This was real summerly comfort food for me.

Nice and green wasn't it!

Shaheen will be hosting Eat Your Greens again in August, so please keep those beautiful green recipe posts coming!

Your VegHog

29 July 2017

Copenhagen life by the water

As the Botanical Gardens post pretty much is the only Copenhagen related post I've managed to write in nearly two months, I had to make another photo post now. Otherwise it will be winter before I can share these photos with you. I can't believe how time flies and I don't get anything done.

For this post I chose the theme of water, as there's water everywhere in Copenhagen: canals, lakes, ponds and the sea. I live close to a place called The Lakes, which is a wonderfully serene spot in central Copenhagen. I walk past some wonderful scenes every morning when going to work and I do consider myself lucky every time. There is such a variety of water birds and people are doing water activities everywhere. Especially now in the summer this is great. I hope you enjoy the photos, which I have collected from different spots in Copenhagen.

I'm also hoping to write soon more about Copenhagen, especially the vegetarian food scene here (there is a very exciting street food scene!), and probably also the beer drinking scene, which is very vibrant.


Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Your VegHog

27 July 2017

Seitan sandwiches

How is everyone? It's quaint summer weather here in Denmark: it's quite warm in general, but often cloudy and rainy too. For example this morning 7:30 am was so hot and sunny, and in the afternoon by 2 pm we were in an extremely dark thick cloud and the rain started. There were no heatwaves or anything like that here yet, but I've been quite happy about the generally surrounding warmth. That's better than nothing.

My partner will join me here this weekend, so we can properly start our new life in Denmark. I very much enjoyed my initial familiarising period with the city on my own, but it's going to be even better now with someone to share. I can't wait to show him some of the places I've already detected. I will also soon get my own computer and cooking stuff here, which should improve the quality of life (and probably also this blog). However I'm not looking forward to all the unpacking.

Now to the sandwiches that I recently made, and that this post is actually about. I'm so happy that some of my nearby shops sell seitan products. I found that stuff so hard to come by in Britain (unless you would make it yourself), and now I can get it from normal small supermarkets! Only sky is the limit now with my seitan cooking.

If you're not familiar with seitan yet, it's wheat gluten that has a chewy texture and can be used in cooking in a versatile way. The flavour is mild, so it needs a bit of spice whatever it's served with.

These thin seitan slices were very handy to use and tasty for making such sandwiches. It was perfect quick weekday grub. To make these sandwiches, I took some seedy wholemeal buns and stuffed them with pan fried seitan pieces, fried onions, grated carrot, tomatoes, lettuce and chilli mayo. But I think that you can use basically any vegetables that you have available, and they would be tasty.

Your VegHog

23 July 2017

Tacos nórdicos

I made tacos in Nordic summer style. This means that the main component were new potatoes, and I also used some new season peas and onions.

I liked this combination very much, with flavours bound together through fresh coriander and chilli mayo. I think that potato tacos exist as a concept, so perhaps I wasn't as adventurous here as I thought. However I will surely be making similar dishes in the future.


Taco shells
New potatoes
Fresh peas
New onions with stalks
Olive oil
Fresh coriander
Chipotle mayo


Boil the potatoes and cut them into smaller pieces.

Prepare the vegetables by cutting them into suitably sized cubes.

Heat some olive oil in a pan and quickly sautée the onions, potatoes and the rest of the vegetables in there.

Assemble the tacos and enjoy!

Have a good Sunday!

Your VegHog