6 March 2021

In my kitchen in March

So it’s already March and time to have a little look into my kitchen.

There is this new product, vegan taco strips and of course I had to try them. They were indeed very nicely spiced with a great texture. I fried the strips and put them into roasted bell pepper halves. I served the dish with Mexican rice.

I made another Mexican style dish, Mexican mac’n’cheese with butterbeans and spices. This is my go-to recipe when I’ve run out of ideas.

This is a mushroom risotto with tomatoes and burrata on the side. I will be making more of this kind of dishes towards the spring.

For a change I made a white pizza with potato, rosemary, shallot and mozzarella.

When the times were colder, a ramen was a great dinner idea. This one was made with tofu, noodles and pak choi.

Yes, I’ve eaten comfort food again, like this creamy truffle spaghetti with oat cream.

I made a salad with Emmental and leftover sprouting broccoli that had started flowering in the fridge.

These berry oat bars were great snacks. I need to try the other flavours too.

Vegan fizzy cola sweets were also very nice.

I’ve had a lot of blood oranges recently, as they are still in season.

I got this new balsamic vinegar from an Italian shop and it’s so nice.

These quality grissini are from the same Italian shop.

I have a couple of herbs and watercress by the kitchen window.

My curveball this time is a Copenhagen scene from February. It got really cold in February, so much so that the whole harbour froze over. Even our very famous Little Mermaid got some ice around her. She lives a peaceful life now without tourists.

As usual this post will be shared with Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings blog, who is hosting the monthly In my kitchen event.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Your VegHog


21 February 2021

Slovenian frika

I started the day by making traditional Slovenian food, which is a first for me, as I’m not too familiar with that cuisine. Frika is a Slovenian cheese and potato hash and I adapted my version from this recipe by Ana RoŇ°. I didn’t have the correct cheese to add, so I just used mature Cheddar. Obviously the pork fat was substituted by salty butter and vegetable oil. My frika ended up being very rustic looking (it’s really difficult to turn it in the pan), but it was a really nice Sunday breakfast.

Your VegHog


20 February 2021

Roasted veg, chickpeas, tempeh and tahini sauce

My apologies for the quiet blog once again. I don’t seem to have much energy for blogging at the moment and my daily dishes aren’t that inspiring. Last weekend was cold and icy and we still had proper snow in the week, but today it looks quite different. It’s a little bit cloudy at +4C and we are of course heading to the market soon, as there’s not much else to do on the weekends. There is of course a lovely vegetable and flower market, but also take away food and drinks in the market halls. You are not allowed to consume any food or drink on the premises, but there is also a nice nearby park. Now to my dish.

The title kind of says it all. I roasted some potatoes, squash and carrots and added chickpeas and fried soy-glazed spicy tempeh to it. I made a tahini-lemon sauce that was sprinkled on the dish and there I had it, a tray full of goodness. I took inspiration from Yotam Ottolenghi’s traybakes for this dish. I’ve also been very inspired by the Danish tempeh that is now easily accessible here in the supermarkets. It’s locally produced, made from split peas and lupin beans and such a nice quality. I always have some in my freezer these days.

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog 


13 February 2021

Onion soup


It’s a proper onion soup weather now. It has been cold and icy here, so I’m always ready for a warming soup. I made this onion soup with organic dry cider, thyme and miso and it was so tasty. I added some cheesy bread croutons on top and dinner was ready.

Have you also been enjoying some wintery soups lately?

Your VegHog


7 February 2021

In my kitchen in February

I haven’t got so many new kitchen items lately, but there has certainly been a lot of food in my kitchen, as most time is spent at home. Here are some of the dishes.

Shepherd’s pie with lentils, vegetables and pea-based protein bits

Homemade Schupfnudeln (chunky German potato noodles) with salad and vegan Schnitzel

Pasta bake with mozzarella

Cheesy fried potatoes with a pomegranate salad (most of my salads in this season contain either pomegranate or blood orange)

Potato, cheese and onion pie

I found a new nice vegetable stock in a bag and I made a porcini and pepper risotto with it.

Curry with chicken style vegan bits and pomegranate

Cheesy garlic bread

There were still some Christmas leftovers, as I froze some of our cold hay smoked tofu. I made a tasty sandwich with it.

Pasta with red pesto and vegetable cakes

Onion foccaccia eaten with mushroom ravioli, frikadeller and salad

Hay smoked potato mash with vegan nuggets. I first experimented with a potato for my smoked Christmas tofu.

Mac’n’cheese from the ends of different pasta packets

I’m sharing this post with Sherry, who is hosting the monthly In My Kitchen event.

Your VegHog