17 December 2023

My year 2023



Hello everyone! It has been a while, but I’m still here. I still live in Copenhagen and I still cook vegetarian food even though not so imaginatively this year. If you are on Instagram you can see my food posts there almost daily. I have just been too lazy to blog. In any case I wanted to share some of my foods and other things from this year and just say hi and wish everyone a nice festive season and end of year.

I have been cooking my usual food and of course summer veggie barbecues had to be part of it. I got these excellent new potatoes in the farmers market and I really loved to grill them over the summer. Visiting different farmers markets has been one of my favourite pastimes also this year and I found some nice local produce there.


Over the year I made many Finnish dishes like the Karelian pies and cheesy oven sausages. Those dishes are full of memories for me. In the summer I had a delightful visit to Finland, as we detected that there were three hoglets roaming in my mum’s garden. My nephew was also very fond of them and wanted to make a warning sign for drivers to take care. It was so much fun observing those tiny hoglets and my mum’s garden is a real haven for them. 


As you might know, I’m quite fond of pasta and often eat it. Some of my this year’s pasta innovations were a cheese fondue sauce with white wine, smooth roasted pumpkin sauce with roasted chestnuts and a butter bean based carbonara sauce with facon. 


Earlier this year I got a Moroccan tagine and have been experimenting with it. It takes a long time to cook with it, but doesn’t actually require that much work so you can do other things while the veg is cooking and you can put pretty much any vegetable in there. I especially enjoyed some squash tagines in the autumn.


I didn’t do much balcony gardening this year, but the berry bushes are still there and we got a new fig tree, which is quite fun. Magpies liked to visit the balcony and the plant pots in the spring. 


Now I would like to wish you all a nice and cosy Christmas time and a happy and healthy New Year! 



Your VegHog