16 February 2022

The VegHog’s Cheap Eats Cooking Challenge 2022 – Round up


Earlier in January I called for my Cheap Eats Cooking Challenge 2022 and now is the time to end it. It wasn’t a huge audience success for the participation (actually no other recipes shared than my own), but I got lot of nice comments on social media so I’m happy about it. It would’ve been nicer for this post to have some other contributions as well, but I will share some of my dishes instead.

I cooked loads of affordable dishes during the past four weeks and I have posted all of them on Instagram, so you might also want to have a look at #theveghogscheapeats to catch them all.

I selected my German Spätzle noodles with onions, white wine and cheese recipe as my main contribution for the challenge. It is a very comforting dish, where a basic dough for the noodles or mini dumplings really goes a long way. My Spätzle dough recipe is vegan, but many people also make them with eggs. You could veganise this whole dish by using vegan cheese. You can find my recipe here.


Pasta is a true staple of cheap eats and student cuisine. I have made a lot of pasta myself recently as my homemade vegan pasta dough is very cheap and making pasta from scratch keeps you occupied for a while so that you have less time for snacking in between. Of course I also cooked many dishes with ready made pasta, it’s not just affordable, but also very convenient on busy weekdays.

Rice & couscous

Rice and couscous dishes also tend to be on the cheaper side and they can be a nice change from all that pasta. All you need to add is some veggies and maybe tofu and you’re good to go.


A good hearty soup is so lovely every now and again and even from the most basic ingredients you can make a nice soup or broth. I made these tomato-based soups and also my own vegetable broth. I added homemade dumplings into one of the soups making it even more filling.


The good old potatoes also make nice economical dishes, which can be very comforting and filling. They are best friends with onions and cheese, so only sky is the limit with what else to add!


If you bake bread yourself, you can save a bit of money and as a benefit have nice fresh bread at home. I usually just make some breakfast rolls and pizzas, because they are easy, but I would like to be a better bread baker.

Mexican food

I find that there are many good cheap recipe alternatives in the Mexican cooking. Once you have some basic spices and pulses at home, you can make a lot of different things like quesadillas, tacos and Mexican rice.

Indian food

Vegan curries with pulses are excellent Cheap Eats. You can make a huge dish with just some spices, pulses and veggies and don’t have to break the bank.

This was my small contribution towards cheap eating and the dishes were all very nice. I even saved some money and will now treat myself with something nice.

Have further a nice week!

Your VegHog



  1. I had my hand on Cous Cous last night and passed it by. I have a feeling I will revisit the possibility this week as I'm low on food in the house. I do enjoy Cous Cous. And most of your other ideas are on tap with my go-to's, too! Nice!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I like couscous too, but have made it very rarely lately. Now I bought this nice quality chunkier couscous, so I'm fully on board again.

  2. Also...those Dinosaurs are TOO CUTE!

    1. Haha thank you, some different pasta shape for a change. :)

  3. Hi, Sorry i was unable to join in as previous years, Thanks though from sharing your dishes, the homemade pasta is gorgeous. I've been away from blogging as long as you seem to have been, things have been up and down here. Hope your keeping well.

    1. Hi Shaheen, good to hear form you and nice that you're back to blogging! I will also try my best soon, just haven't been that motivated. Now I'm back from my holiday in Finland and will try to write something soon. Otherwise I'm well, it's just like you said there has been a lot going on.

  4. I love potatos! Wanna eat the potatos in the third pic! Haha. It makes me hungary now! Thanks for sharing such a nice dish.


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