21 May 2020

Chickpea and pea frikadeller

I’m curious to know, whether you’ve been eating healthily lately or rather resorted to comfort food? I have been eating a bit of both, but have to confess that it has been largely comfort food.

This dish is a bit of a hybrid, as it contains a lot of fresh veg like kohlrabi, tomatoes and lettuce, but there are also fried goods and carbs like rice, the grilled cheese and homemade chickpea and pea frikadeller. This dish just came about as a mix of what I could find in the cupboard. As a filling agent I decided to make simple chickpea and pea frikadeller with garlic and coriander. It ended up being a lovely dinner.

It’s a long weekend here, as it’s a public holiday today and a bridge day tomorrow. I hope to get a lot of cooking and blogging done. Today at least the weather was wonderful, so we went for a little stroll in town.

Your VegHog


  1. It looks very tasty (Jamie says 'do you do deliveries?') Are the white strips kohl rabi?

    1. Thank you Belinda! Deliveries would surely be good in these times. :) The white strips are indeed fresh kohlrabi.

    2. Ooh, nice idea. I've never tried it cold before


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