30 May 2020


It’s a beautiful morning here in Copenhagen. I’ve already done some balcony gardening and we will go to the market later, where I will maybe find some more plants. We are also waiting for a delivery of new balcony furniture. The delivery is very much delayed, but I hope that they’ll turn up soon. It would now be the weather for sitting outside.

I made these tacos with dried and rehydrated soya bits and sweetcorn in a spicy tomato sauce. As taco shells I used artisanal corn tortillas that are really good quality. I’ve used them a few times and they lift any dish. I also have this really spicy (in my opinion) chipotle mayo that I served with them. The tacos were quite a hit.

Veggie tacos are always so good for the weekend. What are your plans for this weekend food- and otherwise?

Your VegHog


  1. We went to the farmers market and had to queue to get in because it was a lovely sunny morning and more people are getting out but there are still restrictions on how many people are allowed in public spaces. Your tacos look delicious - I now crave a really good corn taco

    1. Our market was also quite busy, especially the vegetable stalls, but we managed to get some nice veggies.


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