3 August 2019

In My Kitchen in August

My August kitchen is still full of summer food and local produce. I love this season when we can get so many local vegetables and berries here in Scandinavia. Here are just some things I have been cooking lately.

Local strawberries are a must in the summer, and I indeed managed to get some really lovely ones from a local strawberry farm. I made a vegan strawberry oat-milkshake from a few of them.

I found one of my first vegetarian cookbooks at my mum's place, and I brought it home with me. This Finnish book, Maijan Kasviskeittokirja, gave me quite many valuable tips on how to improve my vegetarian cooking and make it more nutritious. There are some lovely dishes in the book that I have to make again.

I bought No Fairytales carrot and beetroot tortillas consisting 45% of vegetables. They are a really nice product, and I can't wait for the other flavours and the burger buns to arrive in shops close to me. The tortillas are so vibrantly colourful, soft and tasty. I already posted one dish, Black-eyed bean flautas, made with these tortillas, but there will be more to come.

Then I tasted Naturli's organic vegan and gluten-free ravioli in basil and butternut squash and sage flavours for the first time. They were very nice ravioli, perfect for quick weekday meals, but I would prefer slightly bigger packaging because I like to eat a lot.

I quite like Fritz-Kola, and of course I had to get a couple of bottles of the special EU election edition. Unfortunately I only found them way after the election. 

My partner's fried rice with tofu has become almost a weekly dish in our household, as he makes such a nice tofu or vegan “chicken” fried rice that I keep requesting it over and over again. It's great that he often cooks and I can just relax on the sofa after work. 

I made a left-over burger from beans and rice mix from the previous day, and served it with grill cheese, wholemeal bun, roasted new potatoes and homemade chipotle ketchup.

Then there has been a lot of summer food on my plate: new potatoes, peas, new onions etc., just simple cooking. 

I also made this gnocchi with bell peppers, onions and spinach dish. 

I'm sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry's Pickings for this month's In My Kitchen edition.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. Nice to peek inside your kitchen and admire the summer produce. The Finnish Veg cookbooks looks interesting, what is the last image topped with mangetout - is it a pie of sorts?! I do like the veg tortilla wraps, have found spinach and beet here, not carrot though. Your partners fried rice looks nice, i agree with you its nice when others cook for you and you can chill.

  2. I like the simplicity of the food you have cooked this month, all looks lovely !!!

  3. Your too-small package is intriguing -- we never seem to get packages that are too small. Most are too big, sometimes unimaginably big. The gnocchi look especially nice.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. I like a milkshake or smoothie with oats in it. It's a great breakfast option in summer. The beetroot tortillas are fun and would make any burrito look good with bright greens enclosed. I've done a bit of fried rice recently as a way of using up what's in the fridge. I don't know why we don't make it more often.


  5. Jamie saw me looking at your photo with the cooked sweetcorn and mushrooms. Most disappointed when I said you're in Finland; he thought it was a lovely veggie breakfast for sale locally! No such luck 🙂 What are on the skewers? Tofu?

  6. So much good food - love the photo of the burger with the sauce in the hedgehog tumbler. Those coloured tortillas are so cheerful. And beautiful strawberries (we still have them in plastic containers but I notice more photos overseas of them in cardboard. The cookbook looks very beautiful and inspiring - so lovely to revisit earlier inspirations!

  7. it looks like you have been having lots of lovely summer meals with lots of fresh vegetables. it is strawberry season here too, as our Queensland season starts in June with the new strawbs. My hubby does lots of the cooking too, thank goodness. i can never believe that some women (most women?) end up doing all the cooking.. thanks so much for joining in IMK.. Sorry, what is your first name? thanks cheers sherry

  8. You have such beautiful ingredients your post is brimming with colour and health. How lucky to be able to sit and rest whilst your partner fries rice with tofu.

  9. I love all the wonderful summer produce and meals you are cooking. That ravioli sounds interesting, on the tip of fall weather.

  10. Love the look of those tortillas - wish we had them here!

  11. I love the look of the No Fairytales products. We live in strawberry growing country and are very spoilt with year round berries :)


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