25 August 2019

Farmers Market Visit

There was a change of plans yesterday, when I realised that there would be a nice farmers market taking place in Refshaleøen. So of course we had to go there to check it out instead of the culture event. Or we actually postponed the cultural events to today, as that festival is still on. Luckily the weather is still nice.

The farmers market was related to Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival that just started last Thursday. I will be writing more about the festival once I get to visit it properly. There were nice vegetable vendors on the market and lots of other local produce: craft beer, cider, flour, bread, honey, flowers etc. I came home with two ufo squashes and local garlic.

Here are some photos from the farmers market.


  1. I like going to farmers markets just to seek inspiration and see what else is in season that i am not growing. Thanks for sharing and those patty pan look like space ships, look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    1. Ah yes, thank you for reminding me that they are called patty pan squashes. I just went with the Danish name of the ufo squash, as I couldn't quite remember anymore what they are called. Anyway, the market was great and I hope it's coming back soon.


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