23 May 2020

Pølsehorn – Danish sausage rolls vegetarian style

The Danish society is opening up more and more. Bars and restaurants opened on Monday and it looks like people are keen to visit them again. Yesterday we went to a shopping centre and apart from hand sanitiser bottles being everywhere and floors marked with stickers, it felt pretty much like business as usual. I already worked three days in the office this week and from next week everyone is encouraged to return. It feels weird after over two months of lockdown and working from home, but I guess we’ll have to listen to the officials’ recommendations. As I moved home during lockdown, I now also have a new train commute to work, which is slightly shorter than the old one.

Now don’t mistake these baked goods for croissants, or you might have quite a surprise when you taste them. These are Pølsehorn (lit. sausage horn) which are popular sausage rolls in Denmark. The sausages are wrapped in a fluffy dough and then baked.

I of course made a vegetarian version of Pølsehorn by using these new vegan chorizos made from peas that are also gluten and soya free. These spicy sausages worked really well in this combo. In order to make it a really easy breakfast, brunch or snack item, I just used a ready made pastry from the shop. That way they were really quick and easy to make. The pastry wasn’t vegan, so I can only call these vegetarian.

I also made a cheese variant with smoked Cheddar. They were also very tasty. I managed to find my old favourite smoked cheese, Applewood from Somerset, in our local supermarket. Next time I might make a sausage and cheese combination in one, or what about some added veg? I know that I’m now distancing myself from the Danish classic.

These quick to make sausage rolls would be perfect for serving to surprise guests (of course that doesn’t happen anymore in the modern world, but you know what I mean). 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. American name for this combination: pigs in a blanket. Your veggie ones look good, but I guess you wouldn't call them pigs.

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. Brits also use the pigs in a blanket expression, but maybe it's not so suitable for the veggie versions. Take care!

  2. This looks like a nice snack and good comfort food. I would love to taste your danish veggie sausages.

    Interesting you are going back to work already - we have been told that working from home is important in stopping the spread even though so much else like parks and pools and having 20 people in a home is starting to be ok again. Stay safe!

    1. I wasn't too keen on returning to the office, but the company wanted it that way. I was much more productive working from home, but if that's what they want...


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