3 January 2017

Fennel and cauliflower Thai curry

After the festive season I mainly want to eat clean and light food, which is often vegan. I also appreciate international flavours very much after the typical roast dinners. I'm sure I'll have more roasts again, if the weather gets seriously cool over here. However yesterday I made a nice fragrant vegan Thai curry to celebrate the long weekend off work. It was a lovely dish and I had the rest of it for lunch today.

Can you believe it that I used fennel in my cooking for the first time? I have of course eaten it sometimes, but it just isn't something I grew up with, so I never bought it. I was inspired to make this dish, after I saw Shaheen's gorgeous recipe for a Green Coconut Soup with Fennel. It looked so nice that I simply had to buy some fennel and try cooking with it.

I thought that fennel would be nice in a Thai style green curry together with cauliflower. I added spinach and broad beans as additional greens and protein. Before I started cooking, I consulted the internet a bit, and found this video: How to cut fennel. That guy surely knows his fennel! So after all of this, I managed to cut and cook my fennel just fine. I was quite keen on it, so there may be many more fennel dishes.

Fennel and cauliflower Thai curry


Thai green curry paste

1 onion
4 garlic cloves
2 cm fresh ginger
1 large green chilli
Bunch of fresh coriander
½ lime's juice
2 kaffir lime leaves

Other ingredients

1 small cauliflower
1 fennel
2 tbsp vegetable oil
50 g spinach
160 ml coconut cream
½ cup frozen broad beans
2 dried lemongrass stalks
Fresh coriander
1 cup jasmine rice


Purée the ingredients for the curry paste.

Slice the cauliflower and fennel.

Heat vegetable oil in a pan and start cooking the sliced cauliflower and fennel. Cook them until they get slightly browned and softer.

Then add the curry paste to the pan and cook for a few minutes more. Also add the frozen broad beans and soon after the coconut cream and the lemongrass stalks. Remove the lemongrass stalks before serving.

Let simmer until everything is cooked nicely.

Cook the rice to serve on the side.

Add the spinach and fresh coriander to the curry just before serving.


This recipe is my Eat Your Greens entry for January. Shaheen is hosting the event this month.

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  1. This is a lovely light curry for EatYourGreens. Thank you so much for the kind mention and I am pleased you experimented more with fennel. I think it is quite expensive, but worth getting if your making it the star of the dish. If I get back into growing veg again, I will be growing some - you should try too, i grew it in long pot trays when i had a really tiny garden and I know you have a balcony space.
    Wishing you a Happy 2017.

    1. Happy 2017 to you too!

      Yeah would be a good idea to grow fennel, maybe in my next crops. It isn't as cheap as other roots, unfortunately, but now I got the taste of it. :)

  2. I'd love to follow your steps! The beginning of this year for me was filled with one too many sweets!
    A vegan meal like this would be perfect for turning that around.


    1. I try to be good, but who knows when I start eating too much, feeling good so far though.

  3. I tried out this recipe tonight and my partner and I loved it. I'm always looking for new recipes with cauliflower, and this was a bonus with the fennel (of which it's hard to find recipes for other than 'roast it'). Quite a light feel, with lots of flavour.

    I made a couple of changes to suit my tastes (I'm allergic to onion), so used a bit more garlic and ginger in the paste. With the veg, I didn't have any spinach but I did have sorrel, so used that instead. And I didn't have lemongrass stalks so used heaped 1 teaspoon of ground lemongrass.

    This will definitely became a regular meal for us. Next I need to try Shaheen's 'Green Coconut Soup with Fennel', which sounds delish.

    Thanks for sharing such a great recipe.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I'm so glad you liked the recipe! And it's exactly meant to be in the way that you can adjust it to your own taste and according to what you have. I will also need to try Shaheen's recipe, as the dish looks so good and inspired me for this one.


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