7 January 2017

Souvenirs from Finland and presents

Here is a little post of some of my Christmas presents and things that I brought back from Finland to England. This post is once again full of Moomins and hedgehogs, which seems to be quite the trend for me now. But I just love all those cute items. The holiday feels like far away now, but at least I have these things around me.

I absolutely fell in love with the new seasonal Moomin mug series with a snow horse and a pitiful but lovable dog character called Surku, Sorry-oo. I got the mug a bowl from my mum for Christmas, and bought the Surku and Ancestor spoons and mini mugs in the Moomin Shop at the Helsinki Airport on our way back. I also bought a winterly Moomin tin. 

My mum got me this quirky recycled hook made from an old baking utensil. How do you think that my mini cups look hanging in there? This may not be the final installation yet.

I bought the hedgehog baubles before Christmas, but also got a lot of hedgehog themed items from my partner, like a set of four coasters, a keyring and a hedgehog and hoglet sewing kit.

I of course brought some Finnish food items with me, like oat crackers, filled chocolates with endearing artwork on the box, tooth friendly blueberry pastilles and cranberry salt received from my mum. 

There were many other items in my bag as well that I didn't have time to photograph anymore. It was quite a good bounty, which eventually arrived, even though our hold luggage got delayed by a day.

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. Lots of amazing things, but i love the quirky recycled hooks that your mother got you, its lovely with the mini cups. I have something similar, though not recycled that I picked up when i was in Brittany and it came with mini cups - please see here, its the second photo from the bottom http://allotment2kitchen.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/dreaming-of-britanny.html

    Look forward to seeing what you do with the cranberry salt!

    1. Oh those mini cups are so delightful in your post, I'd love to have that, and it's cider as well! :) For the moment I'm still happy with my installation, as it can be difficult to place mini cups...


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