30 June 2013

The joys of balcony gardening

A part of The VegHog's balcony garden 30th June 2013

I have told you before of my passion for homegrown produce and mentioned my limited growing space. It has been extremely satisfying in the few last weeks to watch my balcony plants grow. I've harvested plenty of radish, some courgettes and of course diverse herbs. The sweet peas have started flowering and blooming tomatoes and beans have attracted bees to visit.

I will soon give you a more detailed update of my own urban garden, but first of all today I would like to talk about two books that have enthused and supported me with my gardening lately. These are not really sufficient book reviews, so please check out the links below if you want to know more, or are interested in purchasing the books.

What struck me first in this book is the exquisite art work. The veg illustrations look so endearing and tasty that reading alone made me hungry, and the vibrant photos didn't let down either.

If you have been thinking that your growing space is too limited, this book will make you think again and help you to find creative solutions. There are no excuses anymore for not growing anything in your home even if it's only a small flat, there's always enough space for something.

This book contains some very valuable growing and storing tips and even recipes.

I can highly recommend this book to all urban and rural gardeners alike. I'm sure you would enjoy reading it!

Some time ago I purchased The Medieval Flower Book. In the first instance again the lovely illustrations caught my eye but once I started reading the book I couldn't put it down.

The VegHog is interested in Medieval art and literature anyway, so this book ticks several boxes for it. It's full of beautiful flower illustrations from medieval herbals and manuscripts including interesting facts about the flowers' symbolism and history.

Obviously I also highly recommend this book to all plant lovers.

Your VegHog


  1. Wonderful post! I miss planting my own fruits & vegetables, but I'll be saving up to buy large pots, dirt, and seeds for the balcony in the apartment that I now live in. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

    P.S: Medieval things are great! I love anything classic and antique, so much rich history and facts. Medieval art is just very beautiful too!


    1. Yes, growing plants is indeed very rewarding. Today I again ate some own courgettes and they were divine. I by no means have a green thumb but have managed to keep many plants alive now. :)

      I'll post more from my "garden" soon

  2. Another homegrown post by me: http://the-veghog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/homegrown.html


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