2 June 2013

New potatoes, asparagus with lemon and parsley butter and halloumi dices in a roasted romano pepper with raspberry vinaigrette

Here are just a couple of photos of my last night's dinner. I believe the title might be longer than this whole post. So I ate boiled new potatoes, steamed asparagus with lemon and parsley butter and fried halloumi dices in a roasted romano pepper half with raspberry vinaigrette. I can only recommend this combination, which was a result of a brainstorm based on the ingredients I had. Everything was easy to make but it can just be a bit tricky to get the timing right that all the components are ready at the same time and not overcooked.

The lemon and parsley butter is my standard one that has featured here before and can be made first as it can rest in the fridge. Mix lemon juice and fresh parsley leaves to soft butter and the butter is done.

Roast romano pepper halves in the oven glazed with a little bit olive oil and in the meanwhile you can fry the halloumi dices in a pan until they are nice and golden brown. Leave these in the oven at low heat to keep them warm in case you have to wait for the potatoes to cook.

Boil the new potatoes and steam the asparagus. Steaming asparagus shouldn't take very long especially if they are quite thin. Take care that they don't overcook as they can easily get too soggy.

When everything is done plate nicely and add the vinaigrette and the lemon and parsley butter to the dish.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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