6 June 2013

Cider battered smoke flavoured cheese and asparagus

A cider batter is a fine thing to coat cheese or vegetables with as it gives them such a lovely flavour! This recipe makes loads of batter, so feel free to use less ingredients if you don't want to fry so much and do try this also with other vegetables! However we are quickly approaching the end of the asparagus season and it's nice to make many different asparagus dishes. The battered cheese is brilliant on its own as well.


Smoke flavoured Cheddar (I used 185g Applewood smoke flavoured Cheddar)
Vegetable oil for frying
Potato flour for coating

For the batter:

150g flour
250ml cider (I used Wyld Wood organic cider, see here)
Pinch of salt

Prepare the cheese and asparagus: cut the cheese into suitable bits, wash the asparagus and cut the hard bottom parts off.

Then make the batter by beating the ingredients together into an even paste. If it's too fluid add more flour. The batter should be fairly thick in order to stick properly to the cheese and veg.

I shallow-fried these in a pan but it should be quite easy to make in a deep-fryer. Heat a generous amount oil in a non-stick pan. Roll the cheese bits and asparagus first in plain potato flour by trying to cover them allover. This is important especially with the cheese that the content would be sealed well inside and melted cheese won't run out into your pan. Then roll them in the batter and fry until golden brown. The frying should be long enough to cook the asparagus soft.

Serve as a side dish or a starter and enjoy the flavours and the crispiness!

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