9 December 2014

Flourless chocolate cake

Here's something for true chocolate fans and also for those, who need or want to make a gluten free cake.

I haven't quite decided yet what kind of cake to make for the Christmas coffee table, but I wanted to test this flourless version in advance, as I was curious what it would be like. I followed Felicity Cloake's recipe, which once again had very good detailed instructions. So, have a look in the Guardian, if you would want to bake this cake.

The cake turned out to be extremely tasty, but it also was very rich of course (look at the butter amount alone!). Well, I guess every now and again one can allow to indulge themselves with such a cake. It sank a bit in the middle, but that was hard to prevent and didn't disturb the presentation too much. However, I have decided against this one as a Christmas cake, as it could be too rich after a Christmas dinner, but I will certainly make it again for other occasions.

How do you like Spike posing on the cake?


  1. You had me at "Chocolate". Hahahah
    I'll check out the recipe right now!
    P.S: I love the cute little spikey.<3


    1. It is extremely chocolatey indeed, so a perfect cake for chocolate lovers. :) The cake sank so much in the middle that I wanted to cover up with Spike, haha.

  2. MMMm my husband would love this.

    1. I mostly fed the cake to my partner as it was getting too heavy for me. He loved it too.


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