1 December 2014

'Tis the season to send Christmas cards

December is here and I am officially allowed to write about Christmas, am I right? I hope that this will be a wonderful month for us all. I'll be going to Finland for the holidays and that's always great.

It's important to be nice all year round of course, but if it sometimes gets forgotten in all the everyday hectic, amends can surely be made around Christmas time. In my post Give a very merry Christmas from last December I wrote about being charitable and helping others, and I also want to remind of that again.

With today's post I want to encourage you to remember somebody with a card for Christmas, and also show you a few Christmas cards from my collection, old and new. That collection grows constantly, because I always buy more cards than I send. Quite often I prefer animals in serene settings on the cards, and I'm sure you won't be too surprised to learn that I have an extensive hedgehog card collection.

I love beautiful cards in general and like sending them to all occasions, but especially at Christmas it's nice to remember your loved ones and friends with a card. In my family this tradition is still luckily alive and well, but I'm afraid that many people are nowadays using the electronic greeting options instead. I think that a simple card can be a nice gesture and cheer people up, especially those who are lonely. If you know someone like that, maybe an elderly person or a long-lost friend, wouldn't it be great to send or give them a little card?


  1. The cards are lovely, I am liking the nature themed ones. I will actually be sending out some this year, the past four years Christmas hasn't featured in our home, so I am actually quite excited this year. The christmas tree went up on Sunday. Hope you have a good break in Finland when you eventually go.

    1. I also put the Christmas lights up last weekend, but I won't have a tree as I'll be in Finland. The Christmas tree 2012 is still standing on the balcony, though. :)


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