17 July 2021

Meanwhile in my balcony garden


I’m growing veg on my two balconies again this summer and it does give me great joy seeing the plants grow. I have tomatoes, peppers, peas, cucumber, courgette, radishes, chilli, herbs and berry bushes. We’ve already harvested peas, radishes, herbs and chilli and the other plants are starting to come along too. Here is a little peek to my urban garden in Copenhagen.



  1. You're making great use of that space. How lovely to pop out to your balcony and pick a bit of fresh veg - perfect!

  2. What great-looking vegetables and herbs. Amazing that they grow in such a small space.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. Yes you can get a lot of vegetables indeed from small balconies. Not all variants are so successful, but we should get something to eat.


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