3 July 2021

Udon noodles with smoked tofu and veggies


I’ve been extremely lazy at blogging lately. My apologies for that. If you are on Instagram, you will see more of me there, but I just haven’t had so much energy for blogging. I am fine though, cooking a lot and enjoying the summer. I’ve scheduled my summer holiday for later this year, from mid August to early September and I’m hoping to be able to travel home after over 1,5 years. That means that I still have quite a few weeks left at work until then, but usually it is very quiet there in July.

Now I thought that I would share this udon noodle dish with you. I found lovely fresh local sugar snap peas and regular peas on a farmers market, so I decided to use them in a stir fry style dish. I added some mini bell peppers and marinated smoked tofu to the dish and mixed them all with the noodles and a spicy soy sauce. It was a good spicy meal, as I haven’t made many noodle dishes lately.

So what have you been up to this summer and do you have any holiday plans? I hope you’ll have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog



  1. Nice to hear from you 😊 That looks delicious and colourful, just perfect. Is that chive flowers?
    You have a long wait till your hols. I have time off at the end of the month. I do hope it’s sunny, we won’t be going further than the allotment but that suits me for a bit longer

    1. Yes those are chive flowers. I put them pretty much everywhere now. :) Your allotment holiday plans sound very nice and relaxing.

  2. I haven't had many noodles lately but I feel I need a few more in my life. I am finding my blogging energy is down too, despite good intentions! Your udon noodle dish looks lovely. That sounds lovely to see your family - we had hoped to visit family in Scotland and Ireland in September last year and I just don't know when we will get there now!

  3. Asian noodle dishes have so many great possiblities. I've been making them with peanut sauce.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


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