29 November 2020

Leek pie


We had some cosy times in town yesterday and today the floating Christmas tree will arrive to our harbour. Yes, you read it right, it’s a floating Christmas tree that will be sailed to us from another part of the harbour. It’s so Copenhagen and I’m sure it will be good. So we will of course go to see the spectacle. Luckily there is a lot of space around the harbour, so distancing will be easy. Otherwise we’ll just enjoy a quiet Sunday.

Only a week ago I posted a lentil shephard’s pie, but as this is the pie season, I think we can have another one. This one is also made in the style of a shepherd’s pie using crumbly leftover potato mash as a topping for a leek, onion and yellow lentil mix. I got the most beautiful biodynamic leeks and they were calling for a comforting winter dish.

What is your favourite pie of the season?

Your VegHog


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