21 November 2020

Mexican cannelloni


Sometimes fusion food is just the best. What are your best fusion food creations? I can’t remember too many experiments of mine, a risotto burger was one. Now I made this Mexican cannelloni dish introducing Mexican flavours to an Italian classic. The cannelloni pasta shells contained refried beans, sweetcorn, bell pepper, onion, garlic and chilli spiced with ground cumin and ground coriander. They were covered with a spicy tomato sauce and lots of cheese and then baked. I served it with coriander, lime and hot sauce on the top. It was a very nice dish and I would certainly make it again.

It’s very windy here in Copenhagen today and also quite chilly. I really want to go to the local market and have some mulled wine. Whilst Christmas markets are banned this year, there are still a few cosy corners in Copenhagen to enjoy warm drinks. Then in the evening most likely another comfort food or soup dinner will take place.


Have a nice weekend everyone!

Your VegHog


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