22 August 2013

Late summer charcoal grilling in foil

There are so many different options for versatile vegetarian barbequing and this is only one of them. I just about managed to squeeze this post in during the summer, it's only August, right?

When I'm in Finland in the summer I always grill fresh vegetables in foil parcels, as wrapping everything in foil makes the grilling procedure easier and the vegetables char more gently. It's also nice garden fun for the family and can be done even in the autumn. There's always the possibility to eat indoors if it's too chilly outside.

New potatoes must never be missing from this sort of ensemble. They should be pre-boiled until almost done, then wrapped in foil and grilled until their bottom bits get brown grilling marks. This method brings out the new potato flavours in a marvellous way and adds some smokiness.

Onions and tomatoes are a great addition and they don't need any pre work other than chopping. Quarter them and wrap them into individual foil bags and grill gently. So simple!

This time I made a stuffed courgette and grilled it. Take a large courgette, cut it in half and scoop its insides out by leaving a thin courgette shell of about 1cm thickness. Stuff the courgette halves with chopped tomatoes, onions and grated cheese and their own insides. Season them with salt and pepper and grill wrapped in foil.

Another tasty, and more effortless, option is to chop the courgette into smallish pieces and grill it with some emmental cheese cubes.

Once I even grilled some pre-boiled purple cauliflower. It added some nice unusual colour to the plate.

One item that can't be missing from the grill either is rye bread. Once all your veg has grilled sufficiently, place pieces of rye bread on the grill and lightly grill them. They are so nice with a smoky flavour and a filling addition to your meal.

Enjoy your grilling moments!

Your VegHog


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