14 August 2013

Beck's beer mix drinks

I'm trying to write something about beer again today as apparently that is what Germany does to me.

Beck's is a well known pilsner brand from Bremen, Germany but in recent years the Beck's brewery has also developed several nice beer mix drinks. I went to Bremen on my hogholiday* and sampled several of these flavours. I didn't know all of them before but they all are refreshing summer drinks and some are low on alcohol at 2,5%, which means that some serious sampling can be made.

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There are such flavours as Green Lemon, Twisted Orange, Summer Holunder, Lime and many more. I like all of those variations very much and you can taste both the beer and the extra flavour in them.

One of my favourite spots in Bremen for enjoying one of these beer mix drinks is Beck's Bistro right in the centre of the city. They offer a few tasty vegetarian meals as well and have a large beergarden in the summer.

I would also very much recommend another beer from the Beck's brewery, Haake-Beck, which is produced as a regional pilsner for Bremen.

This windmill is also a great place for drinking in Bremen.

Happy beer tastings!

Your VegHog

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