2 January 2015

New Year's Day veggie roast

I prepared a vegetarian roast dinner yesterday to welcome the new year. As you can notice from the heaviness of this meal, I'm not planning to have a diet or anything... well but seriously, these are all quite healthy things on the plate, aren't they. I didn't make anything new or experimental, these are all components I make fairly often, but maybe in other combinations. I have already posted some of these recipes, so I have added links below to the old posts.

Here are the components I had on the plate yesterday:

Sweet potato and bean SchnitzelRecipe here 

Redcurrant and chilli jamRecipe here 

Roasted potatoes – Brush small potatoes with olive oil, paprika and sea salt and roast in the oven until done.

Steamed flower sprouts – Steam the flower sprouts until done.

Cauliflower and cheese bake – Steam or boil the cauliflower florets a little. Cook finely chopped garlic soft in olive oil and add little vegetable stock, salt, black pepper and thyme and pour on the cauliflower florest. Cover with cheese and bake until done. This can of course also be made with cream, recipe for example here.

Chestnut mushrooms with onion and garlic – Simply cook the onion, garlic and chestnut mushrooms in olive oil until nicely done. Season with sage, salt and pepper.

Tomato and mixed leaf salad with pine nuts and pomegranate molasses dressingDressing recipe here and otherwise just throw in whatever you like in a salad. This combination is probably my most used as a side salad.

Roasted mini shallots – Peel the shallots and brush them with olive oil. Roast in the oven covered with a foil at low temperature until fully cooked.

That was it! Did you have a special meal for New Year's Day?

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    1. How mouthwatering.<3
      The most favorite thing I had was champurrado, which is like a Mexican hot chocolate.


    2. That sounds very good as well. I looked it up, and it's quite intriguing.

  2. Oh I wish I had taken a picture of my Christmas Dinner made by D at his mothers (and NY dinner which was Vegie Roast this time made by me), but greed to eat won.
    I like your whole plate even the caulifwoer and cheese bake.
    PS I've made your Schnizel recipe at the weekend, and hope to share it on my blog this week, i did make one change with the coating, you'll see. But I am writing to ask if it is okay if I can re-publish your recipe on my blog, of course I will link back to the original bookmarked recipe.

    1. I know what you mean with the photographing of festive dinners. It's kind of inconvenient and I don't usually do it either.

      You certainly can re-publish my recipe, I would be honoured! :) I'm also excited to see your change. I hope you liked the Schnitzel.

    2. Thank you. Yes, I really really liked the scnitzel and the flavours, Really lovely. It will be posted either tomorrow or Tuesday, I do hope you approve. Thank you again. One of my NY resolutions is to actually cook those bookmarked recipes, not just drool over them and so far so good :) Have a good evening.

    3. I'm super excited to see your post and of course any future ones! :) Have a nice evening too!

  3. Ooo your New Year meal looks awesome! I decided to make another Christmas dinner for New Years Day (none of us are on diets either) and I think it may become a tradition! I have never seen flower sprouts until last weekend when my husband picked up a packet in Sainsburys, we didn't buy them though (very expensive), are they worth trying? What do they taste like?

    1. Hi Vicky!

      It's a nice idea to make a Christmas dinner again for New Year's meal, why not!

      Flower sprouts aren't quite as strong as Brussels sprouts. They are quite nutty, but not quite like kale either. Also the texture is a mix between those two vegetables. I really like them and they definitely are worth trying.


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