19 January 2015

Karhu – "Untamed Karhu is the strongest of its breed"

As usual I brought some Finnish food and drinks with me from my holiday, some of which you will be seeing here in other posts as well. And as usual a few bottles of Karhu were among those souvenirs. “Karhu” means bear in Finnish, but this one hasn't gone for hibernation. It's a bit milder one (4,6 %) than its furry friends, but it's still strong in taste. Of course I'm talking the whole time about beer here (bear beer), in case I was being a bit cryptic.

This beer has a malty nuttiness to it with some fruity esters. The sweet fruitiness is balanced through the moderately bitter aftertaste. All in all it's a very refreshing beer and can be well enjoyed after a visit to the sauna.

I took these photos already in Finland over Christmas, as we haven't seen any snow in the southern England (yet) this winter.


  1. Bear Beer made me smile, when I first saw the word bear I thought it was a spelling mistake then I realised and noted the bear image on the bottle. We have had a little snow here, but its melted away now, not in the hills though.

    1. Haha another whimsical animal themed post. I frankly wish for a little bit snow, as then a cosy snow day is maybe possible. :)


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