5 September 2017

In My Kitchen in September

It's time for a little peek into my kitchen. I'm glad to have all my own stuff in the cupboards and on the shelves now. Cooking is so much easier with your own familiar stuff! I still need to replace some of the items that we gave to charity in the move, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the current gear. Here is something new from the kitchen.

I bought this pineapple plant from the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. I just couldn't resist its cuteness, and now it's riding my hedgehog in the kitchen. Will we get some crops from it? Well at least now it's super cute to look at.

I bumped into prickly pears aka cactus fruits in the vegetable market, and of course they found their way to my basket. They are supposedly extremely healthy, so that's a plus, as they also taste really good. I've only had them in fruit salads so far, but what else could I make with them?

Corn cobs have become our favourite ingredient of the season. We just can't get enough of the juicy seasonal cobs. They go very well with so many different dishes and add some nice colour to the plate. This quick dinner was just some corn cobs with chilli butter, grilled cheese and salad.

This bowl with a birch tree motif was really cheap and fits my other rustic kitchen items really well, so I had to get it, even though I don't have shortage of bowls...

Coco peanut butter granola, do I need to say any more, the breakfasts are saved! Even my partner is now crazy about this granola.

I've also had some supermarket macarons lately, but mainly for the reason that this packet contains liquorice flavour, my favourite. All the other flavours go down just as well.

I'm quite addicted to these sugarfree raspberry and lemongrass sweets, and I've actually stopped now carrying a packet with me at all times, because then I tend to eat them all at once. 

Here are also a couple of things that I've eaten out that never made it to my kitchen. I had this beautiful vegan ramen at a music festival here in Copenhagen. It was so comforting and warming. Those guys have a ramen restaurant here, and I think it would be well worth a visit.

I also had a falafel salad platter recently at Copenhagen Street Food, and it was so amazing. It was a huge portion with crispy falafel, nice fresh veg, hummus, and even fries on the side.

I'm sharing this In My Kitchen post with Sherry from Sherry's Pickings, who is hosting the event.

Have a good week!

Your VegHog


  1. Interesting language difference -- over here (USA) we use the term "corn cob" to mean the interior fibrous inedible part that's left after you eat the kernels. We use the term "ear of corn" for the whole thing with the edible part still on, with or without the outer green husks, also inedible.

    But it's definitely corn season, and makes a delicious vegetable dish! Traditional use for what we call corn cobs: making corn-cob pipes.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Mae! Oops probably my mistake there, as English isn't my mother tongue. My partner just corrected me as well, and said that in Britain it's called corn on the cob. I need to try to remember that, as I don't enjoy the middle part one bit, haha!

  2. wow you have a baby pineapple growing already! how wonderful. hopefully you will get more. we say corn on the cob too for the bit you eat. what a cute little bowl with the birch trees on it. we used to be able to buy prickly pear fruit here too in the supermarkets but i haven't seen it for ages. have fun with it. and thanks for joining in IMK this month. lovely to see you:) cheers sherry.

    1. I'm very happy about the pineapple, it's such a joy to look at. :)

      It was my pleasure taking part in IMK again.

  3. That hedgehog plant holder is so cute - I've never eaten prickly pear after picking up one and having painful hands for a long time after - but I love fresh corn (I saw Mae said she calls the hard inside corn cobs but I thought you were right as I thought the inside was the corn husk but maybe that is the outer layer. I will have to watch the corn language around me more closely. That muesli sounds really good as does the ramen and falafel.

    1. I'm sure the corn discussion will live on here for a while. I might have to look it all up to be correct next time. :)

      I'm glad that my prickly pears weren't too prickly. They remind me a bit of hedgehogs though.


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