7 September 2017

Green tahini cauliflower with quinoa cabbage roulade

The weather has become more autumnal here, and I'm turning to my comforting seasonal autumn favourites in food. There will be a lot of roasting, stews and steaming bowls of soup in my near future.

This dish was widely improvised around the ingredients I had. I bought a green cauliflower for a change. It's a bit paler than broccoli, and still tastes like cauliflower, so it sends a confusing message to the brain. I roasted it with a tahini-lemon-garlic-coriander sauce, which is always such a good choice, definitely one of my vegan comfort food favourites!

On the side I served a large cabbage roulade filled with quinoa and pearled spelt that were cooked in vegetable stock with onion and garlic and some spices. It was quite basic and rustic, but actually very tasty. I just couldn't resist the lovely purple cabbage. Does anyone have good cabbage recipes by the way, as I always tend to make only roulades or casserole, and would appreciate some inspiration?

So it's almost the weekend, my friends. Do you have any good plans or are you mainly just going to take it easy? Have fun whatever you do!

Your VegHog


  1. Sounds lovely - I love cauli and tahini. Re purple cabbage, I tend to just chop and fry it or put it in a coleslaw but I still have my eye on Shaheen's A2K purple cabbage pesto which looks so impressive

    1. Those are all very good cabbage ideas. I need to try them soon!

  2. Cauliflower and tahini are a match made in heaven. I like my cauli roasted in olive oil with cumin seeds salt and pepper and whole cloves of garlic still in their paper. Once baked add lemon and coriander leaf and ooze out the garlic (Add some of the latter to a tahini and lemon dressing)

    On holiday in Berwick upon Tweed so a pleasant weekend by the sea. Our apartment has a HUGE kitchen and it's obvious that most people who come to stay eat out or have take away. We enjoy the extra time to cook dals and garlicky tomato sauces. Lovely!

    1. Have a nice holiday! That sounds lovely. I'd prefer cooking myself as well, if there's a good kitchen. And yes, I totally agree about cauliflower and tahini.


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